TLC Mission

TLC exists to train student leaders to influence their church and community for Christ.



    Pure Influence (men only)
    Come and develop a Biblical foundation necessary to live a life of purity yourself as well as to become an influence for purity to those around you.

What FedEx, McDonald's, and Nike Have That YOU Should Want, Too!
Is it a box, a burger, and a shoe?  NO! It's INFLUENCE! In this writing workshop, you will learn to develop your personal passion or message into a unique and memorable brand that the world will recognize for the glory of God.

Discipleship – Do we REALLY know what it requires of us?
Making disciples…that’s a difficult responsibility but a Biblical mandate that is meant for us. We will look at what Jesus said in Matthew 28 - “go and make disciples”. What does this mean for us today and are we ready and willing to obey it?

My College Search
How do I make good decisions? Does God really care about where I go to college? Join in for a discussion based workshop on biblical principles to guide your college search. This will not be a “how-to” guide to finding the right college, but a thought provoking discussion on principles to guide you and your family in the process of narrowing down your college options. We will look at current data regarding Christians and how their college choice affects their faith and future and discuss some timelines for what, when and how to begin the process.

Influencing Others in God’s Global Harvest Fields
Is God calling you to serve Him in full-time, vocational ministry? Perhaps God is at work in your life and wants you to consider serving Him in career ministry. If so, this workshop is for you! We’ll look at some Biblical principles to help you discern His leading in your life and we’ll identify some specific action steps you can work on now to help you prepare for vocational ministry later.

Engaging the Word
Learn how to truly engage the Word in effective daily devotions.  We'll use interactive exercises and practical tools to GROW your Bible study skill.  Bring your OTD!

Increasing Your Leadership Influence
You have come to Teen Leadership Conference because you are a leader, desire to be a leader, or someone thinks you have potential to be a leader. This workshop will consider what issues of character and competencies that you should evaluate to help you increase your leadership influence with those who lead you and those you want to lead. It will include a self-evaluation of where improvements can be made and where you may have reached your limit (in areas of capacity and giftedness). 

Bold Humility: How to Speak Influentially in a Post Christian Culture
We will seek to help students to see how to speak with influence into secular conversations and demonstrate a Christian worldview in a humble way. We will look at some of the difficult issues of culture (abortion, homosexuality and other ethical issues) and discuss why we need to speak up about these issues and how we can do that in a way that is both bold and humble.

The Mortification of Sin
This is a four-day workshop that will center on reading and discussing The Mortification of Sin, a book by 17th century English pastor, John Owen. Students who sign up for this workshop will be expected to carefully read through selections from this text in preparation for workshop discussion each day. Together, with Owen, we will grapple with the gravity of sin and the battle to overcome it by the finished work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Signing up for this workshop is also a commitment to be present for all four workshop days.

The Influence of Forgiveness
What does it mean to forgive? What kind of power from God do you miss out on when you don't forgive? Forgiveness is a difficult thing. You know you should forgive those who have hurt you but the pain continues to cripple you in your relationships. In this workshop we will discuss the truth about forgiveness and debunk the lies and myths about forgiveness. You will discover the truth, power and healing that a biblical understanding of forgiveness brings. You want to be an influence in the lives of others and you can't do that without forgiveness. 

Fasting & Praying
Since ancient times, fasting and prayer have been considered essential means of drawing near to God. Fasting goes beyond food to the heart of faith while prayer forges a deeper awareness and relationship with God.  This workshop seeks to equip you to allow fasting and prayer to be a means of grace.  We will investigate the topics; engage in experiential learning and explore these disciplines that open us up to hear from God more clearly.

Influence by Serving
We live in a culture that screams serve you. We want to take a practical look at how you can have an influence on people by serving them. We will look at the example of Christ and how it applies to us.


This was my second year working at TLC and I had the privilege of being a lead counselor! I started out a little skeptical as to whether or not I would like this role since I wouldn’t have “my own” guys. However, after seeing God work through me and in the lives of so many counselors and students, I came to appreciate and love the role God had placed me in!read more

John Bartling, TLC Counselor


I am so thankful for the ministry of TLC and the opportunities I have had to be a part of it. There has not been a time of greater spiritual and personal growth in my life than my time at BBC. TLC has been one of the experiences that I believe has shaped me and stretched me and grown me the most just as a more

Jocelyn Mantz, TLC Counselor