TLC Mission

TLC exists to train student leaders to influence their church and community for Christ.



    Pure Influence (men only)
    Come and develop a Biblical foundation necessary to live a life of purity yourself as well as to become an influencer for purity to those around you.

What Iron Filings, Paper Clips, and Wire Nails Have That You Should Be Scared Of . . .
. . . A 100% failure-to-stand-alone rate once a horseshoe magnet enters the room. Join us to find out the one thing you can do to avoid that horseshoe magnet that draws you away from God over and over again, and learn how to say, "I will NOT be stuck!"

Dumping Discouragement – Depending on God
How do you feel when life stretches you beyond where you want to go? Did you ever that discouragement comes into your life to show who God is? To show and magnify Jesus Christ’s work on the cross? Did you ever stop to think these hardships are part of His perfect plan for your life? Everyone experiences discouragement at one time or another. It’s not about IF you will, but rather WHEN you do…how will you respond?

My College Search
How do I make good decisions? Does God really care about where I go to college? Join in for a discussion based workshop on biblical principles to guide your college search. This will not be a “how-to” guide to finding the right college, but a thought provoking discussion on principles to guide you and your family in the process of narrowing down your college options. We will look at current data regarding Christians and how their college choice affects their faith and future and discuss some timelines for what, when and how to begin the process.

How to Build Authentic Relationships with Lost People
Join us as we learn practical steps in building lasting and significant relationships with lost people in your world.

Grace & Purity (girls only)
Hey ladies, come hang out together as we discuss how great of a gift purity is from your Heavenly Father! Instead of focusing on the do’s and don’ts, we will get to the heart of the issue. If you have been invited to the Palace of Heaven, why not focus on His holiness and how to become more like your Prince. Come ready to put your past behind you and embrace the grace God has given you!

One Person Can Make a Difference!
Has God put a burden on your heart to make an impact for Him? God is still calling people to serve Him. If you believe that’s what He has for you – then this workshop is for you! We’ll take a look at the “Great Commission” to see what Christ left His followers here on earth to do – and we’ll identify some practical ways you can make a difference for Him now and in the future.

I Don't Even Have Time to Sleep: Being too Busy
As we work towards the ONE THING, we find that many things are competing for our time. Social media, school projects, AP classes, work, sports team, friends, family, church events...the list goes on. How do we fit all of these things into our lives? Should we fit all of these things into our lives? We are SO busy that we end up feeling overstretched, overworked and overbooked. This workshop will help us to examine what the Bible says about being busy, and ask hard questions about our lives and our busyness.

How to Think and Respond to the Charismatic Movement
The Bible talks about gifts of speaking in tongues, prophecy, and healing. Yet most of our TLC churches don't practice those things. Why not? How can we think about them biblically? If someone challenges you about them, would you know why you don't practice them? How should we think about these issues? How do we handle our differences with other Christians? How does the Charismatic movement impact us in our "one thing" calling given to us by God?

Lies, Fears & Failures
Through Jesus you don't have to be ignorant of Satan's schemes and you don't have to be tricked or outwitted by his tactics of lies, fears or failure. Satan is called the prince and power of this world. He is crafty and has come up with "schemes" (a plan and a strategy) to overcome you and destroy your life. We will look at 6 common strategies of the Devil: lies, failure, lifestyle, fear, insecurity, and powerlessness. We will also look at how the "Armor of God" defeats every one of Satan's schemes and allows you to overcome through Jesus.

The Dirty Word of Christianity
For many in Christianity, the desire to utter a verbal expletive comes on occasion. For some this desire to let one fly comes more frequently than it does for others. One filthy word that often runs through our mind, but if uttered from our lips would receive piercing glares, especially from those in the church, is the four letter word …rest. Why does the word rest leave such a bitter taste in our mouths and what drives us to be people who feel guilty when we consider it. Rethink the concept and importance of rest. It just may become our favorite four letter word.

Learn how to Battle the Disease of ME
What is the “one thing” that holds us back from doing the “one thing” God intended for us here on earth? That one thing is our PRIDE. Join us as we take a look at Scripture and learn how to battle this disease!


This was my second year working at TLC and I had the privilege of being a lead counselor! I started out a little skeptical as to whether or not I would like this role since I wouldn’t have “my own” guys. However, after seeing God work through me and in the lives of so many counselors and students, I came to appreciate and love the role God had placed me in!read more

John Bartling, TLC Counselor


I am so thankful for the ministry of TLC and the opportunities I have had to be a part of it. There has not been a time of greater spiritual and personal growth in my life than my time at BBC. TLC has been one of the experiences that I believe has shaped me and stretched me and grown me the most just as a more

Jocelyn Mantz, TLC Counselor