TLC Mission

TLC exists to train student leaders to influence their church and community for Christ.



    Pure Influence (men only)
    Come and develop a Biblical foundation necessary to live a life of purity yourself as well as to become an influencer for purity to those around you.

How to Get 17 Gallons of Gas into your 16 Gallon Tank
Your tank is so full that it spills over the moment someone bumps into you. Then God calls you to squeeze in one more gallon . . . Now what? Do you grow a bigger tank? We will take a look at what happened in the lives of Mary, Jephthah's Daughter, and Job's Wife when they were called to surpass their limits and do the unthinkable.

Living by God’s Design
For over a decade Crown Ministries has been utilizing a tool they developed to change the way individuals look at making some of the most difficult decisions. Where should I go to college? What major should I choose? What job should I apply for? Career Direct is an online assessment that looks at an individual’s personality, interests, skills, and values to give an accurate picture of who God made that person to be! This assessment is absolutely FREE to you as a TLC attendee! Come join us this week as we have fun and celebrate who God designed us to be!

How can I grow spiritually in a public school?
Public school brings unique opportunities to live out your faith in an unbelieving world. For believers to maximize their influence, they must grow spiritually. This workshop provides practical steps a teenager can take to grow spiritually in a public school to maximize their impact.

Girls, Grace, & Godliness (ladies only)
What matters more: how we dress on the outside or how we dress on the inside? Join me in a small group setting as we dive into God’s Word and see what our Heavenly Father has to say about our hearts and how He desires His daughters to think and act. Come prepared with questions that we can talk through. Girls love to talk, so let’s talk about how you can be godly inside and outside in a self-focused world.

Me – Career Ministry?
Is God calling you to serve Him in full-time, vocational ministry? Perhaps God is at work in your life and wants you to consider serving Him in career ministry. We’ll look at some Biblical principles to help you discern His leading in your life and we’ll identify some specific action steps you can work on now to help you prepare for vocational ministry later.

Engaging the Word
Learn how to truly engage the Word in effective daily devotions. We'll use interactive exercises and practical tools to GROW your Bible study skill. Bring your OTD!

Too Much Jesus?
Do you ever feel like you have too much Jesus in your life? Are you around Christians all the time? Maybe you go to a Christian school, are at church ALL the time, or were born and raised in a Christian family. Maybe you have very little interaction with “the outside world” or, maybe you just feel like you’re stuck in a “Christian bubble.” It can be so hard to grow spiritually when we’re around Christians all the time and have grown calloused to the good news of Jesus. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to grow spiritually when you feel like you have too much Jesus in your life.

What Does the Bible Say and What Does it Mean – Week 1 ONLY
The Bible is made up of 66 different books. Some are letters. Some books are filled with poetry. Some books are historical. Some books read like a legal document. How we read each book depends on what kind of book it is. This workshop will examine the different kinds of writing in Scripture and give some basic tools for how to understand what you are reading.

Understanding Your Spiritual Growth – Week 1 ONLY
Sometimes we complicate spiritual growth (do these twenty things), and sometimes we oversimplify it (read your Bible and pray every day and you will grow). In this workshop, we will help you figure out what God uses to help you grow. We will consider patterns among the group, and draw some conclusions of how God causes us to grow. In session 2, we will create a plan for making sure that we are putting ourselves in the best position to grow.

Living Life on Mission – Week 1 ONLY
There is a difference between simply living life and living life on mission. The majority of people live life for themselves and the pursuit of happiness, but we are called to a much higher standard - that being to live life for God on HIS mission! That mission is to seek and save the lost. If you want your life to matter for eternity, if you want to make a difference for the Kingdom, come gain encouragement and inspiration from the Word of God and from life stories of those who truly lived life on mission. #only1life

It Takes a Church – Week 2 ONLY
The community is an essential element in personal spiritual growth. This workshop will have a theological focus on our union with Christ. It will also take aim at individualistic notions of life and spirituality. It will include the importance of cultivating friendships and mentoring relationships.

Slow…Relief for the Soul – Week 2 ONLY
In this crazy-fast world we live in, we busy ourselves with many things. We find ourselves tired, distracted and unfulfilled. Jesus invites us to come to Him all who are tired and find rest: rest from doing, rest from trying to prove to yourself and others that you are spiritual, rest from serving the law. Jesus says, "Come follow Me" and I will give you work that is light and joyful. Free from guilt, failure, rules and our inability to keep them all. Rest, satisfaction, enjoyment and contentment are yours when you submit yourself to the authority of Jesus. So slow down, walk next to Him, follow His lead all day every day and you will find rest for your soul.


This was my second year working at TLC and I had the privilege of being a lead counselor! I started out a little skeptical as to whether or not I would like this role since I wouldn’t have “my own” guys. However, after seeing God work through me and in the lives of so many counselors and students, I came to appreciate and love the role God had placed me in!read more

John Bartling, TLC Counselor


I am so thankful for the ministry of TLC and the opportunities I have had to be a part of it. There has not been a time of greater spiritual and personal growth in my life than my time at BBC. TLC has been one of the experiences that I believe has shaped me and stretched me and grown me the most just as a more

Jocelyn Mantz, TLC Counselor