TLC Mission

TLC exists to train student leaders to influence their church and community for Christ.

Student Testimonies

John Eva
Location: Sebring, FL
Years Attended: 2

It actually made me think about how I treat my service and that every song I sing is a prayer to the Lord instead of just another song. it will make me actually think. I've actually started doing my devos and getting into the bible. and I'm strongly considering being a youth pastor in the future hopefully spend a couple of years at bbc to get my grounded faith down pat. so that I can defend myself against the beliefs of this world and hopefully come back and do some sort of pastoring. it also convicted me that I'm living a sinful life and that I need to turn it around. and this is for all the TLC'ers OH HAPPY DAY

Matt Lipscomb
Location: Denver, PA
Years Attended: 2007 & 2008

I went to the first week of TLC 2008 and I felt God calling me into the world of youth pastoring. I feel like I have learned so much i nthe four days we had that my mind is just so over filled with the gospel and the words of the speakers. Mel Walker said about how the men are no longer stepping up in the church and I see that in my church so now that I am home I am going to try and do more in the church.

Nichole Ducharme
Location: Scranton, PA
Years Attended: 2008

I think I grew a lot this week. When i first came to TLC i didn't expect much, but when i went through the days i really enjoyed. It has pulled at my thoughts and heart. I am so going again and again till i cant go as a student anymore.

Carrie Stell
Location: Lancaster, PA
Years Attended: 1986 & 1987

I came to TLC only knowing my roommate whom I had met only a few months before. I left having met the one who would become my best friend and ministry partner for the rest of my life: the one who would become my husband. Other than our relationship, the Lord changed both of our lives and goals that summer through TLC. I am rather a shy person, but through the ministry opportunity of street witnessing I realized that God would give me the courage and words to say in any situation He put me in. That week, God also touched Mike's heart with the desire to serve the Lord full-time putting aside his dreams of being an architect. We both graduated from BBC and have been in various ministry positions vocationally and personally since our years at TLC. We now have four children and Mike is the Principal of a Christian school. We get to mention TLC every time someone asks us where we met!!

Bob Anderson
Location: Park Ride, IL
Years Attended: 1988, 89, 90, 91,92, +++

I credit TLC for time in my life when God got my attention. I went to TLC because I heard that a lot of high school girls would be at this "camp." When I arrived I wasn't disappointed. I saw a lot of girls. I found out fast that these girls didn't come to TLC to check out the guys. God used Godly girls, my counselors and the teaching of great communicators to challenge me in my walk with Christ. As a result of the many things I learned at TLC and with the help of my youth pastor and friends after TLC God chose to call me into youth ministry. I have served our God now for 14 years as a youth pastor and still look back to TLC as the time when God really got a hold of my heart for Him. I ended up going to BBC because of the impact the counselors and the TLC experience. While at BBC I had the privilege of being a counselor at TLC and as a youth pastor I have had the privilege of bringing some of my students to TLC - Very Cool! TLC - Keep up the good work!

Ashley Donovan
Location: Scranton, PA
Years Attended: 2003-2006

I attended TLC for the first time in 2003. I was not a believer and I went to have fun with my church youth group. On Wednesday of the second week of camp, Brad Seltzer gave the campers his testimony. I learned what he had gone through and I leared that the Lord never left him and gave him strength to dendure all that comes his way. That realization is when I came to know Christ as my personal savior. Since then, I attened TLC three more summers and went on to be a student of Baptist Bible College.

I can truly say that TLC has changed my life forever. This camp is not only where I became a child of God, but it is where I started serving my God with my life and my body. I still have my notes and outlines from speakers at TLC like Colin Smith, Dwight Peterson, Brad Seltzer and some amazing quotes from Doc. Harris. To this day, I use these notes and outlines to help me learn more about my God and my savior and al so to look back on the intense training I recieved from TLC.

JB Baughman
Location: Clarks Summit, PA
Years Attended: 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003

I'll never forget when my youth pastor asked me to attend TLC my sophomore year of high school, the thought of sitting under preaching most of the day did not sound exciting to me. However when someone paid my way to go, I didn't have a choice and went. Little did I know that God has orchestrated the entire event to trigger a series of events that would change my life forever. It was during that first week of TLC that God really broke my heart in complete surrender to him for full time Christian ministry. It was also during that week that I realized that salvation was much more than fire insurance, it opened the door for me to have a true relationship with my Savior. Through many tears, God broke me of my selfish stubborn will and by the time I left the campus, I knew God was calling me to attend BBC and enter into service for him. To make a long story short, God gave me tools at TLC to begin Christian ministry in my public high school and upon graduating from High School, I began school at BBC. TLC was the highligh of my summer as not only a teen attending but also as a counselor through my college years. I knew each time I attended that I would be streched and challenged. I am still applying the principles I learned at TLC, now as an RD at the school that changed my life.

Andrew Birchard
Location: Montrose, PA
Years Attended: 3

TLC was nothing like I expected. I didn't have the right view on life and I was drifting so far from God my life almost seemed worthless looking back on it now. The first few days God was catching my attention, and by the end of the week I felt so close to God … my heart felt on fire for him and I shared my testimony with my suitemates right there ‘cause I was so excited about God's word and his teachings. Every year I go I feel closer to him and I know it's gonna be hard leaving to face the world and the problems it hold but I know God can help me through it. And TLC these few ears have shown me how to best be the leader I want to be and the leader I am trying to be. God Bless!

Sean Masterson
Location: Pekin, IL
Years Attended: Summer of 2006

I came with a group of teens from Pekin Bible Church in the summer of 2006. It was truly a life-changing experience for me and my family. It was at that conference that God made it perfectly clear to me that I was to go into full-time ministry. I began the process of looking and praying and even went to an interview at Washington Bible College in D.C. That didn't work out, but upon our return I was contacted by Grace United Methodist Church here in Pekin. I was hired as the Director of Family Ministries, with my main repsonsibility to lead the youth. Preaching the Sunday services is also a ministry I have a part of once a month.

My experience at TLC was what gave me the strength and committment to follow God's will for my life. Dwight Peterson's sessions were instrumental to me and having the chance to share at the closing that summer was very special to me. This summer I am beginning a master's program through Liberty University's online program.

TLC is a life-changing and amazing God honoring conference.

Richard Lucas
Location: Louisville, KY
Years Attended: '96, '97, '98 as a student; '00, '01 as a counselor

I attended TLC for 5 years, the first 3 as a high school student, and the last 2 as a counselor while I was a student at BBC. Even amidst a busy youth group schedule of activities, TLC was the highlight of every summer. It was on the campus of BBC at Teen Leadership Conference that I first developed an appetite for good preaching as I found myself actually looking forward to each of the sessions. Operation Outreach gave me the encouragement and skills to engage more directly in personal evangelism. I was challenged to have a more in-depth devotional time. I left renewed in my commitment to follow my Lord and Savior whole-heartily. I wanted to bring the same passion for meaningful worship back to my own youth group. To this day, I still remember each of my counselors, although at times I'm sure I gave them plenty of reasons for wanting to forget about me! Nevertheless, they made a lasting impression on me as I saw college students who were serious about Christ, yet still having lots of fun. I was the kid in my church youth group actively recruiting more of my friends to come the following year.

It was through the ministry of TLC that I made one of the most important decisions of my life. The summer of '98 was between my junior and senior years of high school. It's the time that all of my peers were wrestling with what to do with their lives, and I was no exception. SATs were taken, college applications were being collected, and parents were prodding for direction in life. While I gave attention so such things, I was just as, if not more interested in buying my first car, working at the cool clothing store to get discounts, and getting a girlfriend! With the employment options before me at the school career day, the one that seemed to suite me the most was being an attorney (and this was before I even liked watching Law & Order). It made the most sense after all, I liked to argue (as my parents readily pointed out) and who doesn't want to make a lot of money. This was the mental setting as I entered the week of TLC that year. Every session was a spiritual encouragement, but it was the last evening that Ken Rudolph was speaking for the final time. I wish I could say that I remembered what his whole message was about, but only one line lingers in my memory. It was that one simple sentence accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit that the Lord used to set a whole new course for my life. He said, "the church doesn't need more lawyers, we need more warriors!" That one line shot through my heart like a flaming arrow. If the kingdom of Christ doesn't need more lawyers, then why was I pursuing it? I dedicated that night to be a warrior who would be sold out to full time Gospel ministry. Once God laid this burden on my heart, the decision for where to go to college was easy. There was no more natural choice for me then to go to BBC in preparation for fulfilling this ministry calling. I went to TLC merely looking for a week of fun, but in his providence the Lord brought me there to conquer my vain ambitions for life and give me my life-long ministry assignment in service to Jesus.

Melissa Osborne
Location: Marilla, New York
Years Attended: 2007

When I signed up for TLC last year, I had no idea what was in store for me. As soon as we got there, I told myself that no matter what I was going to open my heart and my life up to God. By Tuesday, God had spoken to me. He told me that I was going to have to change my whole lifestyle. After a few days of contemplation I finally agreed to give it all up. When I went back to school that September, I changed my attitude, my friend circle and everything I've grown a custom to. Since then I have become a totally different person. I've led four of my closest friends to Christ and am steadfast for God on the path he has chosen for me. I have realized that no matter how hard I try, I can’t fix my mistakes, I can only learn from them and begin to wholeheartedly live for the One who saved me, Jesus Christ. I am excited to see all the ways God's going to work in my life this year at TLC and at home as well.

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