TLC Mission

TLC exists to train student leaders to influence their church and community for Christ.


So, your teen wants to come to TLC, and you’re wondering what we are all about? We’re glad you checked in with us!

Teen Leadership Conference began in 1969 on the campus of Baptist Bible College and was the vision of our basketball coach, Jim Huckaby. Rather than a sports camp, he developed a plan for a week-long leadership conference for high school students and their youth leaders.

TLC is not camp, it is not church and it is not a spiritual life conference for students. It is a week focused on challenging students to become leaders in their churches, schools and communities. Our speakers will communicate God’s Word in a relevant, thought provoking and interactive way that is intended to produce heart change and a ministry mindset.

TLC has now grown to point that we have had to add a second week. Your students can choose either week and receive the same great messages, workshops, counseling, and—lest we forget—fun! Students enjoy hanging out and getting to know new friends that not only believe in Christ but also face the same challenges and struggles they do. We are confident that your student will come home with a different spirit and attitude than when he left.

Our conference is staffed by experienced BBC personnel and college-age counselors. All of our counselors have gone through a careful selection process and comprehensive training program led by former youth pastors and veteran conference directors Glenn Amos and Dwight Peterson. You can also count on a safe and secure campus environment carefully supervised by our TLC staff and BBC security force.

Your son or daughter will be housed in our College residence halls and eat in our cafeteria. You can be sure that they’ll get plenty to eat and will have very comfortable housing. And by the way, there are no camp shower houses on our campus! All youth workers who attend will stay in separate accommodations on our campus.

We hope you’ll browse our site and take the opportunity to learn all you can about TLC. We want you to be comfortable and confident before you send your student to Teen Leadership Conference. If you still have questions after searching our web site, your church’s youth leaders may be helpful or as always, please feel free to contact any of our TLC staff.


This past summer was my first experience with TLC.  Despite hearing about the conference from friends at BBC, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I enjoyed counseling at TLC for several reasons.  The first is that I was able to spend a lot of time getting to know the students with whom I was working.  One of the major emphases for counselors at TLC is to have meaningful conversations with the students.  I had several opportunities to have significant more

Matt Roberts, TLC Counselor


Although TLC is programmed to specifically reach high school students, I believe God worked in my life as a counselor just as much as He did in the lives of the students. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to take part in building relationships with my girls as they shared what issues and struggles they were going through. Some of the most encouraging and more

Katie Eichelberger, TLC Counselor