Welcome to BBC Undergraduate Teacher Education

One of the most powerful influences in the world is a teacher. You will impact the academic, social, and personal development of future generations. Thatís why it is vital that you receive an exceptional education yourself.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the BBC School of Education is to develop graduates who will be effective in the classroom. Our history reflects strong support for the ministry of Christian schools.

Along with preparing students who wish to teach within Christian schools, we believe it is very important to prepare students who wish to teach in public and international schools. Our mission is to provide the knowledge base and skills needed to be a successful teacher, whether it is in public or Christian education.

  • Graduates of School of Education programs will have developed a strong foundation in subject-matter knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and teaching skills.

  • Through the multidivisional experiences supported by the Bible and General Studies curriculum, the graduates of the various programs within the School of Education will be provided with the skills necessary to be an equipping, engaging, and supportive educator.

  • The graduate will understand the importance of meeting the needs of the whole student: cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual including the diverse learnerís needs in an inclusive classroom.

  • The graduate will have an understanding of multicultural perspectives, which is imperative as we meet an ever-changing, culturally diverse landscape.

  • Important program information:

    As of August 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Education will no longer offer certification in K-6th Grade Elementary Education.

    The Teacher Education programs within PA will be split into three areas:

  • PreK-4th grade Early Childhood/Elementary Education

  • 4th-8th grade Middle School Education program

  • 7th-12th grade Secondary Education programs

  • Current juniors and seniors will receive certification in one of these current programs by August 2013:

  • PreK-3rd grade Early Childhood Education

  • K-6th grade Elementary Education

  • PreK-6th grade dual certification in Early Childhood/Elementary Education

    BBC will not offer Middle School certification. The graduating class of 2014 will be the first class in the new PreK-4th grade Early Childhood/Elementary Education program.

    If you have questions or need more information please contact the Administrative Assistant to the School of Education at or at 570.585.9355.