Chapel messages @ BBC&S
Chapel messages @ BBC&S

BBC Sunday

We value the success of local churches.

That’s why we focus so strongly on equipping global Christian leaders for the future. It’s also why many of our events – such as the Church Ministries Conference, the LYFE Women’s Conference, the Men’s Conference, Teen Leadership Conference, and Junior High Boot Camp – are centered on the spiritual growth and capacity of church youth, members, and leaders.
We welcome the opportunity to share more and grow a deeper partnership with your church through a BBC Sunday.
Hosting a BBC Sunday at your church is simple and it is as much or as little as you’d like it to be. Features include:
-         Challenging message from God’s Word in worship service and/or Sunday school hour.

-         Speaker to review current news at BBC&S.

-         Video on our ministry and mission.

-         Display and hand-out materials.

-         Bulletin inserts.

We can also share details on ways you can partner with us financially.
We can amplify your work and, with your investment, grow followers of Christ together.

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Questions? Contact Glenn Amos, Director of Alumni & Church Relations, at 585.9383 or