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Journal of Ministry & Theology - Spring 2003

"Gender Neutral Translations: The Controversy over the TNIV" 329KB
- Mike Stallard, Ph.D.

"Complmentary Hermeneutics and the Early Church"
- Bruce Baker, M.Div.

"An Investigation of Esther as an Episode of Covenant History in a Foreign Court"
- John F. Klem, Th.D.

"The Implications of Living Together Before Marriage"
- Kenneth M. Gardoski, Ph.D.

"Multicultural Church Planting Models" 208KB
- Kenneth Davis, M.A.

Book Reviews
"What Remains of the Hebrew Bible? Its Text and Language in a Postmodern Age." David J. A. Clines
"Studying The Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods." Darrell L. Bock
"Justification and Variegated Nomism, Volume I: The Complexities of Second Temple Judaism." Ed. D. A. Carson, Peter T. O'Brien, and Mark A. Seifrid.

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