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Journal of Ministry and Theology - Spring 2008

"The Theological Implications of A Woman's Role in Chruch Leadership"
- Mike Stallard, Ph.D.

"Adam Was Formed First, Then Eve: The Implications of Order"
- Mark McGinniss, Ph.D.

"Women and the Work of God in the Pentateuch"
- Allan Ingalls, Ph.D.

"Egalitarianism and the Meaning of Submission"
- Gary Gromacki, Ph.D.

"Women in the Church: the Matter of Public Speaking"
- Kenneth Gardoski, Ph.D.

"What's a Woman to Do in Public Worship?"
- William Arp, Th.D.

"So Then How Should Men Lead?"
- Howard Bixby, Th.M., Ed.D.

Book Review

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