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Baptist Bible SeminaryVision & Values

We envision...

The recruiting, challenging, training, and equipping of young leaders at BBS so they will be effective church planters in North America and around the world.

Strategic deployment of teams to plant hundreds of healthy, growing, reproducing, biblically sound, culturally relevant Baptist churches in the Northeast. We desire to see these churches expand in concentric circles of impact, motivating and equipping others to move out and around the world (Acts 1:8). We work to produce leaders who will multiply churches and disciples of Christ throughout the world (II Timothy 2:2).

Developing partnerships with 200 Great Commission-minded churches who will provide our seminary teams with the necessary human, prayer, and financial resources to launch dynamic new churches. We need dedicated prayer warriors for each project: 10 prayer partners for each community and 25 prayer partners for each seminary church planter.

The expansion of a network of planted churches and skilled church planters for mutual encouragement through regular gatherings, as well as mentoring for new church planters. Its focus is the reproduction of churches for the cause of Christ and the global harvest.

We value...
Biblical Authority. We hold the inerrant Word of God as the sole guide for faith and practice and will only partner with and plant churches that share this conviction. We submit all our activities to the judgment of the Scriptures, obeying its precepts and applying its principles.

Evangelism and Discipleship. Being committed to the Great Commission, we strive to plant churches that intentionally pursue and effectively reach lost people for Christ. Furthermore, we seek to disciple converts to both maturity and fruitfulness in Christ.

Local Church Centrality. We believe the fulfilling of the Great Commission requires church planting by local New Testament church as the unique and divinely ordained instrument. We engage in church planting projects only at the invitation of a parenting church or group of partnering churches.

Scriptural Cooperation. Partnership in the Gospel is essential to reach the generations for Christ. We seek teamwork with other biblical ministries to increase the effectiveness of like-minded churches, associations, and mission agencies in church planting.

Leadership Training. One of the Church's greatest needs today is for well-equipped, biblically sound, godly, servant-leaders. We are committed to help each student to discover and develop his unique calling, gifts, and temperament through mentoring and modeling. We desire to develop godly leaders who are committed to multiplying church leaders (II Timothy 2:2).

Excellence. We are committed to rise above mediocrity and to pursue excellence. We insist that each of our church planting teams and local church partners give God their best in every endeavor.

Bible Exposition and Teaching. We work only with churches and leaders who are committed to faithful Bible exposition which leads to Christlikeness. We are committed to the clear and accurate communication of God's Word in a way that ministers grace and urges obedience to Christ.

Multiplication and Teaching. We seek to multiply church plants that reproduce churches and grow reproducing disciples. We seek to use and develop materials and methods that trained leaders can reproduce.

Team Ministry. We are committed to a team model for church planting and organization that equips and empowers every lay member, family, and church leader for effective ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Balanced Christianity and Growth. Biblical balance is necessary for the success of a local church. We work to establish churches that are committed to both qualitative and quantitative growth. While numerical goals are not sufficient in themselves, we believe God calls us to reach as many people as possible.

Innovation and Creativity. While recognizing that our message is timeless, we desire to be sensitive to those who seek to serve. While continually evaluating forms, methods and techniques, we encourage flexibility and creativity, focusing on ministry effectiveness.

Stewardship and Accountability. We are committed to ministry accountability, fiscal responsibility, and integrity in all our dealings with donors and partnering churches. We seek to maximize Christian resources by utilizing and not unnecessarily duplicating what other Bible-believers are doing. We will avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, and deception.