West Point grads connect during BBS modules

Two Baptist Bible Seminary students who share a unique military history connected this summer during the Ph.D. program's on-campus modules.

BBC&SDoctoral students David Roseland and Michael Cha both attended West Point from 1995-1999 and both were members of the 1999 graduating class. Despite having this unique educational background in common, the two never actually connected until they met recently on the BBC&S campus.

Fifteen years after leaving West Point, the men found themselves together in an academic setting once again.

"We didn't know each other then," David said. "But it's neat, as we get started on this part of our lives - building this friendship and getting to work together."

Growing Together
After graduation, David, who is originally from Longview, TX, spent time at Fort Hood, TX and then Iraq. After leaving the military, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary and then took a pastoral position in Connecticut, where he has been ministering since 2007.

Michael, who is originally from Northridge, CA, was not a believer during his time at West Point but came to faith in Jesus Christ in 2003. He served at Fort Sill, OK, then Korea and Iraq.

"I didn't know what I wanted to do after the military, but I started seminary in 2005," Michael said. "I came to BBS because it really tries to maintain an accurate principle of interpretation. They really stress accuracy in hermeneutics. That is the foundation, where everything starts." He has pastored churches in Oregon, Virginia, and Texas.

They realized their West Point connection when they began talking to each other in class.

"I didn't know him for the past 15 years, but I will value our friendship now to that depth because of the history and the bond that we share," Michael said.

Doctoral Programs
Baptist Bible Seminary's doctoral-level programs include the Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Students can increase their capacity to serve in a current ministry or prepare to excel in a new one.

Doctor of Philosophy students are well prepared for research, writing, and leadership. Providing flexibility, the Ph.D. program allows students to focus in the areas of Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, or Bible Exposition.

Also emphasized is the importance of using the original Greek and Hebrew languages for scriptural study.

Five Doctor of Ministry concentrations enable students to focus on an area of their choice including counseling and spiritual development, pastoral ministry, theological studies, global ministry, and communication.

The program's flexible distance learning format allows students the convenience of completing the majority of their work online, visiting campus for one-week modules three times a year.

Baptist Bible Seminary offers students a genuine blend of rigorous academic content and transformational hands-on applications. Six advanced degrees are available in several flexible formats.

To learn more, go to www.bbc.edu, call 800.451.2287, or email BBSAdmissions@bbc.edu.

Posted on: 8/4/2014 2:31:12 PM