New book helps youth leaders connect generations

Building an intergenerational approach in churches and keeping young adults engaged is the focus of a new book by BBC&S' Mel Walker.

BBC&S"Inter-Generational Youth Ministry: Why a Balanced View of Connecting the Generations is Essential for the Church" adds to the titles by Walker, who serves as Vice President of Enrollment & External Relations at BBC&S and president of the Vision For Youth ministry.

The book is a valuable tool for pastors and youth leaders who want to see their young people to continue to grow and stay involved with the church after high school.

Published by Overboard Ministries and Vision For Youth Publishing, the book is available online at www.intergenerationalyouthministry.com.

Being Intentional
A graduate of BBC ('76, B.R.E.) and BBS ('96, M.Min.), Walker has also done graduate work at Iowa State University and Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a frequent speaker at youth, church leadership, family life, and parenting conferences, reaching thousands of students, church leaders, and youth workers each year. He has also organized and led several regional, statewide, and national youth and youth ministry conferences and events.

"I am not advocating a new program or organized ministry," Walker said. "Instead, church leaders must be intentional about developing inter-generational connections. I'm trusting this new book will be a practical help for senior pastors, youth pastors, and other church leaders."

BBC&SIn his new book, he presents practical and applicable ways any church can build effective and growing inter-generational connections. Drawing from his experience leading young people and addressing issues faced by youth leaders and churches, Walker offers readers his approach to connecting the generations and keeping teens and young adults plugged into their church family. Aspects include:

-The Epidemic: Why are Young Adults Leaving the Church?
-The Generation Gap: How Did This Happen?
-"It Takes a Church": When Parents and the Church Collaborate
-Building an Inter-Generational Church

The book contains research and resources along with Walker's clear approach to effectively making those desperately needed connections.

Other titles by Walker include "The Greenhouse Project," "Pushing the Limits," "Mentoring the Next Generation," "Impacting the Next Generation,"Reaching the Next Generation," and "Developing Biblical Reasons."

Minister's Enrichment Day
Walker is the featured speaker at the upcoming Minister's Enrichment Day on Tuesday, March 18 at Baptist Bible Seminary. The day-long event will feature four sessions based on his book.

Learn more at www.bbc.edu/meday.

Pastors and other leaders are encouraged to come experience practical ways to build effective inter-generational connections within their churches.

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Posted on: 1/2/2014 10:36:48 AM