New book by BBS professor years in the making

A new book on Greek grammar by Baptist Bible Seminary Professor Dr. Rodney Decker is the product of many years of study and experience.

"Learning Koine Greek" is a powerful text for first-year Greek students and includes an integrated workbook. It is set to be published by Baker Academic in 2014.

BBC&SDrawing off 20 years experience teaching the language and compiling information in the text, Dr. Decker has spent the past five years revising, reorganizing, and editing this new resource.

Testing and Feedback
As part of the finalizing and testing process, the book is already being used by other colleges and universities.

In its manuscript form, it has been used in a pilot program at Northland International University in Wisconsin for three years. It has recently been taken on by Baptist Bible College of Springfield, MO, for the same purpose.

"I know what I meant by what I wrote," Dr. Decker said. "But it is very helpful to have other professors teaching from the book and giving me feedback along the way."

The text is focused on Koine Greek, which was the language commonly used in the Mediterranean and Middle East during the formation of the early church.

Unique and Useful
The use of real Greek texts in this book is distinctive. Where many grammar textbooks use made up examples, students using this new resource will read from the Greek New Testament as well as the Septuagint (the Koine Greek translation of the Old Testament).

"The Greek text is not limited to short isolated verses," Decker said. "Every chapter ends with an extended reading passage with notes that help the student read multiple paragraphs of real Greek."

Dr. Decker, Professor of Greek and New Testament at BBS, is the author of two other Greek study books, "Temporal Deixis of the Greek Verb," (Vol. 10 of Studies in Biblical Greek) and "Koine Greek Reader: Selections from the New Testament, Septuagint, and Early Christian Writers."

He also edits and maintains a Bible study website, www.NTResources.com, and is finishing another book, "Mark: A Handbook on the Greek Text," which will be published as part of The Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament.

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Posted on: 2/21/2013 2:57:48 PM