New book draws off Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

A discussion of dispensational views of the New Covenant is the focus of a new book edited by Baptist Bible Seminary Dean Dr. Michael Stallard.

"Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant" contains contributions and discussions from the 2009 Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, an annual meeting of scholars founded by Dr. Stallard.

The New Covenant is the promise God gives to Israel involving the law placed on the heart rather than on tables of stone, the special presence of God through the Holy Spirit, and forgiveness of sin for Israel. The New Covenant will begin to be fulfilled for Israel at the Second Coming of Christ, when Jesus establishes his kingdom on earth.

This is the first book to come out of the Council's meetings, which began in 2008. Published by Regular Baptist Press, the book is available here.

Differing Views
The book details three different views of the Church's relationship to the New Covenant within traditional dispensationalism, as presented in the 2009 meeting. Responses and discussions are provided for each view.

BBC&SOther articles that discuss historical and interpretation issues related to the views debated are included.

"The various views are actually closer to each other than I had believed,"¬ĚDr. Stallard said. "Every view describes the essentials of the Christian life in the same way regardless of how it is labeled relative to the New Covenant."

A key aspect for the annual meetings is the collection of information and contributions worthy of publication. This book, and others that follow, will add to the council's academic credibility, Dr. Stallard said.

"We want people to see traditional dispensationalists showing academic credibility while being wholly committed to Scripture," he said. "I think this publication brings some confidence to the Council and its members. Further publications are planned based on other meetings."

Range of Contributions
Among the contributors to the book is Dr. Rodney J. Decker, Professor of Greek and New Testament at BBS. Dr. Decker's chapter presents the view that the church has a direct relationship to the New Covenant that does not constitute the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises to Israel.

Dr. Stallard, who also serves as a Professor of Systematic Theology at BBS, provided an article on the history of the varying and debated views of the New Covenant by dispensationalists.

Other contributors are:

- John Master, Professor Emeritus, School of Bible and Ministry, Cairn University, Philadelphia, PA

- Dave Fredrickson, Assistant Professor of Theology, Western Seminary, Sacramento, CA

- Roy E. Beacham, Professor of Old Testament, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Plymouth, MN

- Elliott E. Johnson, Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX

- Bruce Compton, Professor of Biblical Languages and Exposition, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, Allen Park, MI

Inside the Council
The Council on Dispensatitonal Hermeneutics serves as a forum for traditional dispensationalists to discuss biblical interpretation and related matters.

Dispensationalism holds to historical-grammatical principles of interpreting the Bible, including prophecy. The Council meetings add academic weight and credibility to the effort at keeping objective interpretation of scripture at the forefront of modern biblical presentation in churches.

The 2013 Council will focus on sign gifts of the Holy Spirit. It will be held September 18-19 at the BBS campus in Clarks Summit.

Learn about the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics and download resources at www.bbc.edu/council.

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Posted on: 11/9/2012 9:18:20 AM