Flexible, quality modules strong draw for doctoral students

Nearly two dozen doctoral students attended special one-week sessions at BBS in February, with the on-campus modules providing flexibility and quality to a growing number of candidates seeking advanced degrees.

The web-enhanced Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Ministry programs offer students superior academic scholarship and valuable mentoring from qualified professors.

"I can be at home, still be a dad and a husband," said Gilbert Fields, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Fayetteville, GA. "The week really helps me to focus and work with the professors, they help us greatly while we're on campus, and then we go home and finish the rest of the course."

Learn more about the Ph.D., program and watch a video here.

Learn more about the D.Min., program and watch a video here. BBC&S

Balanced Focus of Ph.D.
Maintaining a balanced focus on scholarship and leadership, students spend time in the rigors of study and research but also discussing practical skills for ministry and service.

"The balance is wonderful," Fields said. "The scholarship aspect helps me be more precise in my teaching and in my preaching, but also in serving - you get to interact with people, and serve while you grow -- learning how to be a pastor, and a leader with integrity."

Also emphasized in the program is the importance of using the original Greek and Hebrew languages for scriptural study.

Commonly associated with the meaningful ability to engage in research and writing, the Ph.D. is considered the terminal degree for those who teach at the college, graduate, or seminary level, as well as missionary educators, international academic leaders, and pastors desiring a strong teaching ministry.

Flexible Delivery for D.Min.
Students enjoy the convenience of completing the majority of their work online. The program's distance learning format allows for in-depth interaction with professors and other students from around the world while not disrupting the ministry work students are currently involved in.

One-week modules bring students to campus three times a year, in February, June, and October. This time on campus provides the benefit of personal interaction and scholarly exchange with those serving in a variety of areas and ministries.

Students focused on church, missions, and pastoral leadership can tailor their degree to their particular needs. Five ministry concentrations include:
- Leadership in Pastoral Ministry
- Leadership in Theological Studies
- Leadership in Global Ministry
- Leadership in Counseling and Spiritual Development
- Leadership in Communication

Professors as Mentors
The BBS faculty members who teach in the program have extensive experience as pastors or missionaries and continue in vital ministry efforts for the cause of Christ. Students learn not only from professors' instruction but also from the example of their lives and ministries.

Learn more about BBS faculty here.

Each member has earned a doctorate in his field and is committed to developing mentoring relationships with their students in and out of the classroom.

Learn more about the Ph.D., program and watch a video here.

Learn more about the D.Min., program and watch a video here.

Baptist Bible Seminary offers students a genuine blend of rigorous academic content and transformational hands-on applications. Five advanced degrees are available in several flexible formats.

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Posted on: 2/25/2011 3:06:25 PM