National, worldwide reach growing at Baptist Bible Seminary

Baptist Bible Seminary is enrolling a widening range of students from across the country and around the world, expanding its national and global reach through more flexible online and module options at the master's and doctoral level.

Currently, 23 students in the BBS Doctor of Ministry and Ph.D. programs come from 22 different countries. Among the nations represented are Argentina, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Mali, Norway, and Ukraine. Domestic students come from 25 states, ranging from California and Colorado to Maine and Florida.

Many students prefer online distance learning and the short, on-campus modules, as the class schedules can better fit into their lives and ministries. Additionally, students gain from Seminary professors who are church and academic leaders with years of experience in international and domestic ministry.

The professors are interested in providing their students with a solid education and their students' lives and ministries, building into their lives and becoming mentors, friends and colleagues.

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Watch a video about international seminary students here.

Doctor of Ministry
BBS' Doctor of Ministry degree is the perfect program for professionals who want to gain practical skills to excel in biblical leadership ministry.

Students can design their own program unique to their ministry setting and have immediate impact. Students choose from five leadership concentrations: counseling and spiritual development, pastoral ministry, theological studies, global ministry, and communication.

Students also can pursue independent study work and a dissertation project, each offering unique opportunities to specifically connect their education with their current ministry.

"Because the professors here are flexible, many of the courses I have taken here I've been allowed to do research projects that I've actually used as material in courses I've taught," said Rick Perhai, who teaches Bible and theology at Kiev Theological Seminary in Ukraine.

"I've been able to integrate what I'm learning in the class and what I'm researching in the classroom here at Baptist Bible Seminary into what I'm teaching.

Learn more about the D.Min. program here.

Doctor of Philosophy
Commonly associated with the meaningful ability to engage in research and writing, the Ph.D. is considered the terminal degree for those who teach at the undergraduate, graduate, and seminary level, as well as missionary educators, international academic leaders, and pastors desiring a strong teaching ministry.

Complete in academic excellence, the BBS Ph.D. program emphasizes a heart for local church ministry. The balance between scholarship and leadership produces highly effective leaders.

Learn more about the Ph.D. program here.

Baptist Bible Seminary offers students a genuine blend of rigorous academic content and transformational hands-on applications. The combination fuels their passion for God and equips them for future work in ministry leadership.

Five advanced degrees are available in several flexible formats. To learn more, call 800.451.2287 or email pgolden@bbc.edu.

Posted on: 4/16/2010 11:04:04 AM