MASTER'S PROGRAMS » Master of Ministry


Symons"Each course has provided me with knowledge and insight. They have not only expanded my knowledge of the Bible, they have given me practical insight and the tools to apply this knowledge in every day ministry life. The interaction with other students and the instructors has been used by God to keep my ministry efforts in focus."

Shawn Symons
Fellowship Bible Church
New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada


Morgan"The Master of Ministry program has transformed the way I look at relationships in the church and given me more of a love for people and their journey with Christ. It has also given me a deeper understanding of the word of God and how alive it becomes when put into daily living."

Errol Morgan ('10)
Pastor of Worship and Care
Parker Hill Community Church
Dickson City, PA

Titus"In my experience, the diversity and excellence of the staff at BBS is unmistakable. All of my professors are highly qualified men of God who are devoted to providing practical ministry application and first-hand insight. Each course I've taken has been met with personalized instruction and attention to my ministry context. It's quite apparent my professors at BBS are passionate about equipping pastors for real-world ministry. I praise God for a seminary that continues to dedicate themselves to this level of training and excellence."

Titus Curtis
Worship Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Lafayette, IN