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Youth Pastor

With many students leaving the church and the faith, there is a growing need for biblical excellence and relevance in youth ministry. The Master of Ministry Youth Pastor concentration helps men effectively lead and teach teens and young adults.

As a student in the Youth Pastor concentration, you will improve your communication skills and refresh your cultural effectiveness. Through a blend of classes and mentoring from youth ministry veterans and specialists, you will gain practical tools for impacting the lives and hearts of the next generation of leaders.

BBC&S is home to the annual Teen Leadership Conference and Boot Camp for Junior Highers — events with a strong reputation for impacting young people for Christ.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Strategies for leading teens back to scriptural basics.
  • Outreach tools to disciple and mobilize students.
  • Principles and ideas for staying current and culturally relevant.

Course electives for the Youth Pastor concentration include:

PT502 Pastoral Counseling 2 credits
PT800 The Theology and Practice of Family 2 credits
PT804 Philosophy of Youth Ministries Leadership 2 credits
PT811 Methods of Teaching & Communication in the Church 2 credits
PT819 Family Ministries in the Church 2 credits
PT823 Writing Your Own Bible Curriculum 2 credits
PT838 Evangelism on the College Campus 1 credit
PT839 Growing a Godly Youth Group 1 credit
PT841 Building Next Generations into the Church 1 credit
PT843 The Youth Pastorate - A Calling 1 credit
PT847 Communicating the Scripture to Today's Youth 1 credit
PT848 Developing a Youth Outreach Ministry 1 credit