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Worship Ministries Leadership

Worship leaders carry a challenging role in local churches, mixing biblically sound worship with cultural appropriateness in a constantly shifting environment. BBS' Master of Ministry Worship Ministries Leadership concentration strengthens your capability to lead worship that is relevant, biblical, and God-focused.

Through balanced and intentional courses, you gain training and practical knowledge vital to effective leadership in worship ministry. Faculty experienced in worship and a range of musical styles will mentor you through classes and hands-on learning. BBS works with Project Jerusalem, an innovative network of start-up churches, allowing you to grow and gain valuable direct experience in unique worship environments.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Resources and techniques for using technology in worship.
  • Tips for creative planning and effective rehearsing with complete music teams.
  • Strategies for developing and utilizing worship teams.

Course electives for the Worship Ministries Leadership concentration include:

WM500 The Theology and Practice of Worship 2 credits
WM501 Music Resources for Group Worship 1 credit
WM502 Worship Leadership Administration 2 credits
WM602 Seminar in Worship Leading and Rehearsal Techniques 2 credits
WM800 Recruiting, Developing, and Utilizing Worship Teams 1 credit
WM801 Utilizing Fine Arts in Contemporary Worship 2 credits
WM802 Techniques and Resources for Sound and Lighting 1 credit
WM803 Drama in Worship 1 credit
WM804 Worship Team Training for Children and Teens 1 credit
WM805 Music Theory for Worship Leaders 1 or 2 credits
WM806 Writing and Arranging Worship Charts 2 credits
WM842 Designing Worship Experiences 1 credit
WM856 Mastering Technology in Worship 1 credit
WM892 Applied Worship Seminar 1 credit