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Pastoral Leadership

Pastors are faced with different challenges every day and must stand on a dynamic yet sensitive leadership foundation. The Master of Ministry Pastoral Leadership concentration enriches your ability to lead an ever-changing and highly-complex group of people.

As a student in the Pastoral Leadership concentration, you will strengthen your ability to lead effectively and with excellence through a range of courses. You will improve your preaching skills and gain strategies for developing personal and corporate enthusiasm.

The BBS faculty bring years of church ministry leadership experience to the classroom and a strong desire to mentor and encourage you.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Preaching techniques for our contemporary culture's needs.
  • Practical tools for discipling and cultivating congregational fervency.
  • Budget management strategies and skills for sound church finances.

Course electives for the Pastoral Leadership concentration include:
PT502 Pastoral Counseling 2 credits
PT803 Revitalizing the Plateaued Church 1 credit
PT820 Polishing the Pastor's Preaching 2 credits
PT825 The Practice of Pastoral Ministry 1 credit
PT825 The Pastor and Church Finances 1 credit
PT828 Developing a Fervency for the Ministry 1 credit
PT831 Legal Issues in Church Ministry 1 credit
PT834 Preaching with Power and Application to Today's Culture 1 credit
WM842 Designing Worship Experiences 1 credit
WM500 The Theology and Practice of Worship 2 credits