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Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership concentration is a unique program that will enhance your ability in a wide range of ministry roles. Combining class-based learning with hands-on experience, you are equipped with the knowledge and tools for successful leadership of local church and parachurch organizations.

Experienced-based learning pioneer Pilgrimage Educational Resources is an integral part of the Organizational Leadership concentration. You will complete 15 credit hours of required courses through BBS and 15 credit hours of practical, mentored training through Pilgrimage Educational Resources, gaining helpful tools to use in ministry and strengthen your abilities to successfully lead an organization.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Effective approaches for facilitating learning within organizations.
  • Tools for financial management in non-profit organizations.
  • Strategies for team development and mobilization.

Organizational Leadership courses include:
PT814 Leading in Active Learning Ministry Environments (required) 3 credits
PT849 Ministry Organizations as Learning Communities 3 credits
PT850 Strategic Thinking for Ministry Leaders 3 credits
PT851 Developing Dynamic Ministry Teams 3 credits
PT852 Governance and Administration of Non-Profit Ministry Organizations 3 credits
PT853 Financial Management of Non-Profit Ministry Organizations 3 credits
PT854 Principles of Risk Management for Ministry Organizations 3 credits

For details on the experience-based portion of the concentration, contact BBC&S' Dr. Dennis Wilhite, founder of Pilgrimage Educational Resources, at or 570.585.9264.