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Paid Internship

Our goal is to produce men who are able to blend quality Bible knowledge with useful methods for effective leadership and church growth. Consequently, we place a high priority on hands-on training, requiring an internship as part of the Master of Divinity program.

The practical knowledge gained during your internship experience is an integral part of preparing for ministry. In addition to the program's rigorous academic courses, your year-long, paid internship fulfills academic credits as you engage in full-time ministry. This uniquely-developed internship offers:

Gifted and Trained Supervision

Your internship gives you the opportunity to serve with and learn from established leaders. It provides you with practice and pastoral mentoring in a tangible, teaching environment, putting you heads and shoulders above other seminary graduates.

Personal Ministry Formulation

Working with pastoral staff, you will identify, formulate, and implement your own ministry goals and projects. This partnership and mentoring helps develop your God-given gifts and confirm your direction for future ministry.

Supportive Training Centers

We select local church resident intern centers to ensure that you receive the highest level of ministry training available. We will work with your current ministry to meet training center standards should you choose to complete your internship there.

Tuition Reduction

Your internship is during the final year of your program, following your academic courses. Tuition costs for the internship are cut by 50%, a significant savings. Living and ministry expenses are covered by your training center, allowing you to concentrate on ministry.

Full-Time Seminary Credit

The internship coordinator at your training center will provide opportunities for you to fulfill all academic responsibilities. BBS faculty members are responsible for grading the various course requirements related to your internship.

Consistent, Professional Evaluation

Each intern training center provides a trained member or members for discipling and mentoring you through your experience. In addition to meeting the high standards of BBS for academic excellence, this facilitates your leadership growth. Clear and helpful evaluation hones your administrative and communication skills to prepare you for a life of biblical leadership.

Ministry Training for Your Family

Your wife will also benefit from guidance and affirmation as she works alongside you. She will be encouraged as you build relationships with ministry mentors you serve with. Your internship will also be meaningful for your children as you form ministry foundations within your family.

Questions on Paid Internships? Contact Dr. Ken Pyne at or 570-585-9386.