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Youth Pastor

Youth workers carry a challenging role as many students are leaving the church and the faith. The Master of Divinity Youth Pastor concentration equips men for biblical excellence and student relevance in youth ministry as the need continues to grow. The program helps men effectively lead and teach teens and young adults.

In the Youth Pastor concentration, you will learn communication skills for interacting with teens and their families. Biblically sound teaching, cultural awareness, and building biblical foundations in teens are all key aspects of effective leadership. Through a blend of powerful classes and valuable mentoring from youth ministry veterans, you will gain practical tools for impacting the lives and hearts of students.

Balancing theological scholarship, biblical language study, and practical ministry courses, the M.Div. program prepares you for leading, teaching, and mentoring teens.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Strategies for producing personal godliness in teens through Bible study, discipling, and activities.
  • Practical tools for reaching, organizing, motivating, and mobilizing students for service.
  • Ability to identify the specific needs of a youth group and plan appropriately.
  • Fully developed personal and professional foundations for youth ministry.

Courses in the Youth Ministry concentration include:
PT502 Pastoral Counseling 2 credits
PT800 Marriage & the Christian Home 1 credit
PT804 Philosophy of Youth Ministries Leadership 2 credits
PT811 Methods of Teaching & Communication in the Church 2 credits
PT819 Family Ministries in the Church 2 credits
PT823 Writing Your Own Bible Curriculum 2 credits
PT838 Evangelism on the College Campus 1 credit
PT839 Growing a Godly Youth Group 1 credit
PT841 Building Next Generations into the Church 1 credit
PT843 The Youth Pastorate - A Calling 1 credit
PT847 Communicating the Scripture to Today's Youth 1 credit
PT848 Developing a Youth Outreach Ministry 1 credit
PT701-714 Specialized Internship Study/Experience 18 credits