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Worship Ministries Leadership

Leaders who value biblical, relevant, and God-focused worship are vital to the growth and success of the local church. The M.Div. Worship Ministries concentration prepares men for ministry leadership to build up the body of Christ through corporate worship. BBS equips you to mix biblically sound worship with cultural appropriateness in a constantly shifting environment.

The balanced and intentional coursework at BBS gives you firm training and practical knowledge for effective leadership in worship ministry. Seasoned faculty mentor you in leading worship through classes and hands-on learning. Working with Project Jerusalem church plants, you will gain valuable experience in a variety of unique worship environments.

You will learn through theological scholarship and personal leadership development. The concentration will equip you to design, develop, administrate and direct a team for effective worship in local church ministry.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Practical training in music, technology, drama, and theory.
  • Techniques for planning and preparing powerful worship experiences.
  • Abilities for utilizing live drama for vivid and moving worship.
  • Leadership skills for developing and discipling complete music teams.

Courses in the Worship Ministries Leadership concentration include:
WM501 Music Resources for Group Worship 2 credits
WM502 Worship Leadership Administration 1 credit
WM602 Seminar in Worship Leading and Rehearsal Techniques 2 credits
WM800 Recruiting, Developing, and Utilizing Worship Teams 1 credit
WM801 Utilizing Fine Arts in Contemporary Worship 2 credits
WM802 Techniques and Resources for Sound and Lighting 1 credit
WM803 Drama in Worship 1 credit
WM804 Worship Team Training for Children and Teens 1 credit
WM805 Music Theory for Worship Leaders 1 or 2 credits
WM806 Writing and Arranging Worship Charts 2 credits
WM842 Designing Worship Experiences 1 credit
WM856 Mastering Technology in Worship 1 credit
WM892 Applied Worship Seminar 1 credit
PT701-714 Specialized Internship Study/Experience 18 credits