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Pastoral Counseling

Biblical counseling is a necessary skill for church leadership in our fast-paced society. The Master of Divinity Pastoral Counseling concentration gives you the theological strength and biblical sensitivity to competently counsel from the Word of God.

The M.Div. Pastoral Counseling concentration works in conjunction with the Master of Science in Counseling Graduate Program at BBC&S, providing depth in pastoral counseling. You will build biblical foundations and practical skills for your counseling ministry as a pastor.

Seasoned counselors like Dr. Gerlin Valencia bring their years of experience to the classroom. The on-campus Love-Life Marriage & Family Counseling Center is a training facility for counseling students, allowing you to observe counseling first-hand and providing resources for your ministry.

Studying Pastoral Counseling, you will balance theological scholarship and biblical language study with practical applications for pastoral leadership and wisdom-giving discipleship.

You will leave BBS with:

  • A thoroughly-developed philosophy of biblical counseling for pastoral leadership.
  • Proficiency in counseling all ages within your church.
  • Deep understanding of the spiritual, behavioral, cognitive and emotional dynamics in biblical change.
  • Tools for training laymen and developing a local church counseling ministry.

Courses in the Pastoral Counseling concentration include:
COUN502 Biblical Theology of Counseling 2 credits
COUN504 Applications of Biblical Counseling 2 credits
COUN506 Biblical Philosophy of Counseling 2 credits
COUN508 Methods of Biblical Change 2 credits
PT502 Pastoral Counseling 2 credits
PT800 The Theology and Practice of Family 2 credits
PT801 The Art of Discipling - Training Timothys 2 credits
PT819 Family Ministries in the Church 2 credits
PT827 Training Laymen to Counsel 1 credit
PT833 Keeping Counseling Biblical 1 credit
PT836 The Pastor & Crisis Counseling 1 credit
PT701-714 Specialized Internship Study/Experiences 18 credits