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Church Planting

The Master of Divinity Church Planting concentration prepares men for establishing and growing churches around the globe. BBS equips pastors and missionaries with the training and tools necessary for major impact in spiritually dry locations.

Baptist Bible Seminary has a unique training strategy that partners you with active local church plants. You will gain superior hands-on learning experience.

Project Jerusalem, a strong church-planting program at Baptist Bible Seminary, teams with local churches and mission agencies to intentionally plant new churches in the Northeast -- including New York City. Project Jerusalem churches are making a huge impact in locations ranging from Scranton and Wilkes-Barre to growing areas in the Pocono Mountains. BBS graduates are growing dynamic, Bible-preaching churches.

Focusing on church planting at BBS, you will rub shoulders with current and veteran church planters as you help in area church plants. Seasoned ministry leaders like Ken Davis bring decades of ministry experience to the classroom and mentoring relationships. You learn by watching and by doing.

You will leave BBS with:

  • A deep knowledge of the development and reproduction of a local church.
  • Historical, anthropological, and sociological insights for intercultural planting.
  • Effective communication skills for cross-cultural and cross-generational ministry.
  • Understanding of and strategies for meeting the needs of minority and immigrant groups.

Courses in the Church Planting concentration include:
MI802 Launching & Growing a Missional Church 2 credits
MI803 Foundations for Missional Church Planting 2 credits
MI804 Preparations for Missional Church Planting 2 credits
MI805 Reaching the Unchurched in Small and New Churches 1 credit
MI806 Urban & Center City Church Planting 1 credit
MI807 International and Intercultural Church Panting 1 credit
MI812 Cross Cultural Team Ministry 2 credits
MI814 Churches Planting Churches 1 credit
MI815 World Ministry & the Local Church 2 credits
MI823 Models for 21st Century Church Planting 2 credits
MI824 Cell Church Planting 1 credit
MI825 Church Planting Basics 2 credits
MI881 North American Church Planting Practicum 2 credits
MI883 International Church Planting Practicum 3 credits
PT701-714 Specialized Internship Study/Experience 18 credits

Other Church Planting and Church Growth related courses offered include:
MI809 Ethnic & Multi-Ethnic Ministry Strategies 1 credit
MI813 Contextualization of Theology 2 credits
MI817 Theology of Urban Ministries 2 credits
MI819 Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning 2 credits
PT802 Outreach Methods for Mobilizing Evangelism 1 credit
PT833 Keeping Counseling Biblical 1 credit
PT834 Preaching with Power & Application to Today's Culture 1 credit
PT841 Building Next Generations into the Church 1 credit
PT846 Building Biblical Community Through Small Groups 2 credits
PT848 Developing a Youth Outreach Ministry 1 credit
WM500 Theology and Practice of Worship 2 credits
WM850 Utilizing Technology in Worship 1 credit