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Church Education

The Master of Divinity Church Education concentration prepares men for ministry leadership and discipleship of the family. The BBS curriculum equips you for developing and directing a total church family program that feeds and mobilizes church members.

As an M.Div. student focused on Church Education, you learn specific skills for ministering to all ages within the church from professors and mentors with decades of experience and success. You will gain biblical exegesis abilities and learn the place of biblical study and theological foundations in church curriculum development. The concentration will help you establish and grow relevant, biblically and theologically sound study material for all age groups.

You will leave BBS with:

  • Biblical language exegesis and communication skills.
  • Curriculum and Bible study material production abilities.
  • Understanding and tools for teaching and discipling in children's ministries.
  • Practices for scripturally sound and culturally relevant instruction.

Courses in the Church Education concentration include:
PT502 Pastoral Counseling 2 credits
PT803 Revitalizing the Plateaued Church 1 credit
PT804 Philosophy of Youth Ministries Leadership 2 credits
PT811 Methods of Teaching & Communication in the Church 2 credits
PT819 Family Ministries in the Church 2 credits
PT823 Writing Your Own Bible Curriculum 2 credits
PT824 Children's Ministries in the Church 1 credit
PT847 Communicating the Scripture to Today's Youth 2 credit
PT701-714 Specialized Internship Study/Experience 18 credits