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The M.A. in Biblical Apologetics program is led by qualified, seasoned professors gifted in both academic and pastoral ministry. The program covers topics ranging from archaeology and evangelism to the problem of evil.

Quality Instruction from skilled and accomplished academic and ministry leaders adds to the breadth and the depth of your experience.

BBS-Mike King
M.A. student
Olney, IL
"The reading and the research for the writing projects have given me a better understanding of the way that God has determined to confirm the truth of His Word. The online format is good. I have enjoyed the flexibility that it offers. The classes have helped to reinforce my knowledge of people, places, and dates that are significant in the Bible records.

Dr. David Mappes-Dr. David Mappes
M.A. Director
"Ministry leaders need to retool themselves in providing biblical teaching and leadership for the local church to meet the epic cultural, philosophical, and theological challenges of today. Our world is rushing headlong into pluralism and promoting a dangerous and destructive intolerance toward those who correctly hold to absolute moral values and truth. The BBS Master of Arts in Biblical Apologetic's is designed to equip
ministry leaders to critically assess current theological and ministry challenges, formulate biblically correct and cultural sensitive ministries while respecting the knowablity and authority of God's Word."


Dr. Mike Stallard-Dr. Mike Stallard
Seminary Dean
"Today, more than ever, those who minister for Christ and His Church, need to be aware of the intricacies of apologetic strategies as they attempt to witness to a lost and dying world. The rise of postmodernism in the Western world necessitates an increased understanding of the cultural shifts and correct biblical and theological responses. If this is not done, evangelism may become a lost art among Western Christians. The BBS Master of Arts in Biblical Apologetics is designed to address this very problem with a blend of theoretical and practical instruction."


Dr.Ken Gardoski-Dr. Ken Gardoski
Assistant Director
of Ph.D. Studies
"The Christian faith is under attack today – not only from those outside of the faith such as the New Atheists, but also from within the Christian camp. More and more professing believers are doubting, for example, the straightforward reading of Genesis 1-3 on the creation and age of the world. But worse, some are denying even the historicity of Adam and Eve. Now more than ever, the Christian leader must know what he believes and why, and be able to defend the faith against those who would attack it, whether from without or within the Church. The BBS MA in Biblical Apologetics is designed to train leaders to engage the Church and society on these and other crucial issues, and to equip the saints for the ministry of apologetics – defending the Christian faith."