MASTER'S PROGRAMS » Master of Arts degree in Biblical Apologetics


The Master of Arts in Biblical Apologetics is a dynamic, fully accredited online 30-credit hour program designed to strengthen and equip pastors and ministry leaders to better understand, articulate, defend, and contextualize the Christian faith in a credible, compassionate, and contemporary manner.

Courses are fully accessible to students with little or no formal training in theology, philosophy, or biblical studies. If you have formal training in these areas, you can apply for advanced standing.

Your ability to understand the Scriptures and evaluate competing truth claims will increase tremendously. You will learn to evaluate various apologetic approaches from a comprehensive Christian theological worldview gaining an awareness of interpretative, theological, and philosophical challenges. You will also learn to formulate biblically correct and culturally sensitive evangelistic methods designed to utilize apologetics.

You will be better prepared to interact and respond to current cultural, theological and hermeneutical challenges as you serve, lead, and impact this postmodern world for Christ. You will be able to implement effective apologetic strategies within your local church and in other ministry settings.

The M.A. degree in Biblical Apologetics is ideal for current and future ministry leaders

  • Pastors and lay leaders
  • College & Career ministry directors
  • Parachurch ministry leaders
  • Cross-cultural evangelism and missionary practitioners
  • Local outreach team leaders