MASTER'S PROGRAMS » Master of Arts degree in Biblical Apologetics

Course List

You will take a rich concentration of 15 hours in Bible-theology and 15 hours in specialized apologetic courses. An additional thesis project option is available.

Each course involves extensive interaction and collaboration with students and professors. Courses in the Master of Arts degree in Biblical Apologetics program include:

Fifteen required credit hours in specialized Apologetic courses, including three required courses:
PT508 Personal Evangelism in a Postmodern Era
PT608 Leadership Strategies for Apologetic Ministries
TH809 Apologetics
Any two Apologetic electives (see list below for options)

Fifteen other elective credit hours consisting of Bible (BI) or Theology (TH) courses, including one required course:
TH603 Developing a Biblical Worldview
Any four BI or TH electives. Electives may include any specific apologetics courses in the theology department (see list below for options). This adds tremendous flexibility to the program for the student.

Suggested Apologetic electives include:
BI604 Principles of Bible Interpretation
BI822 Biblical Archaeology

TH500 Foundations of the Christian Faith
TH519 World Religions
TH527 Studies in Presuppositional Apologetics
TH528 Studies in Evidential Apologetics
TH604 Contemporary Theological Issues
TH610 Studies in the Problem of Evil
TH707 A Biblical Theology of Apologetics
TH716 Post-Conservative Theology
TH718 Defining and Defending the Canon of Scripture
TH723 Apologists in the Early Church
TH802 Christianity and Ethical Problems
TH813 Biblical Creationism
TH822 Twentieth Century Apologists

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