Baptist Bible Seminary

Accelerated Degree Program

At Baptist Bible Seminary, we want to help you accomplish your academic goals while you train for excellence in ministry leadership. With our Accelerated Degree Program, you are able to finish your bachelor's degree while working toward your master's degree. Many of your master's-level courses at BBS will qualify to give you credit for both undergraduate and seminary courses, saving you time and money.

The Accelerated Degree Program is tailored to your needs. Your prior learning and life experience will be considered to determine what you'll need to earn your degrees.

Prior learning: We review college transcripts. Applicable credits you've already earned will transfer and count toward your undergraduate degree. We also consider other college equivalent experiences, including Continuing Education Units, military experience, professional certifications, and more.

Life Experience:
We review work experience, knowledge, and competency. A portfolio assessment is done to determine what non-classroom experience may be applicable toward your undergraduate degree. With this knowledge of your prior academics and background, a plan will be developed to fit your degree completion needs.


To enter the Accelerated Degree Program, you must:
- Be 25 or older.
- Have already completed 60 college credits.

You will save money, paying for each class once but receiving double credit. You can take advantage of all federal and state aid available to undergraduates, such as Pell Grants.

Learn more about undergraduate financial aid here.

Baptist Bible Seminary's Training Timothys Scholarship can be applied for your seminary courses if you qualify. Learn more information about seminary financial aid here.

Most of your courses will be completed online. On-campus classes are available to meet your needs.

Contact us at or 800.451.2287.