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Course List

The Ph.D. program's rigorous academic training sharpens your study skills and deepens your knowledge of biblical doctrine or theology. Core courses emphasize methodology of hermeneutics, exegesis, and communication.

A doctoral dissertation is required for the program and fulfills the remaining seven credits of the program.

Concentrations in Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, and Bible Exposition are available to tailor your seminary education to your ministry needs. Concentrations and Independent Studies help you accomplish your educational goals and apply your learning directly to ministry.

For more information and course descriptions, refer to the Doctor of Philosophy Handbook here.

All courses in the Ph.D. program are three credits unless otherwise noted.

Courses in the Doctor of Philosophy program include:

Core Courses (Required)
OT1 Seminar in OT Hermeneutics and Exegetical Method
NT1 Seminar in NT Hermeneutics and Exegetical Method
TH1 Seminar in Advanced Theological Method
BI1 Advanced Bible Teaching and Communication Methods

Ministry Philosophy Core Courses (One of these is required)
MP1 Developing Effective Leadership Skills
MP2 The Centrality of Scripture in Ministry
MP3 Current Trends in Global Ministry

Old Testament
OT2 Old Testament Theology
OT3 Advanced Readings in the Hebrew Bible
OT4 Biblical Aramaic
OT5 OT History and the Ancient Near East
OT6 Comparative Semitics & OT Textual Criticism
OT7 Seminar in OT Problems
OT8 Studies in Deuteronomy
OT9 Studies in Biblical Hebrew Poetry
OT10 Studies in Former Prophets
OT11 Studies in Post Exilic Prophets & Writings
PH890 Independent Study in Old Testament

New Testament
NT2 Seminar in Greek Studies
NT3 Seminar in Biblical Intertextuality
NT4 NT Backgrounds & Intertestamental Period
NT5 NT Biblical Theology
NT6 NT Textual Criticism
NT7 Seminar in NT Problems
NT8 Seminar in Gospel Studies
NT9 Exegetical Studies in Johannine Literature
NT10 Exegetical Studies in Pauline Literature
NT11 Exegetical Studies in Non-Pauline Literature
PH890 Independent Study in New Testament


TH2 The History of Christian Doctrine
TH3 Teaching Contextualized Theology Cross-Culturally
TH4 Issues in Eschatology
TH5 Contemporary Issues in Theology
TH6 Issues in Biblical Ethics
TH7 Issues in Christian Apologetics
TH8 Studies in the History of Dispensationalism
TH9 Advanced Issues in Ecclesiology
TH10 Studies in Bible & Science Issues
TH11 Cross-listed Courses from OT and NT
PH890 Independent Study in Theology

Bible Exposition
BI2 Analysis of Old Testament Books
BI3 Analysis of New Testament Books
BI4 Interpretive Issues in Bible Exposition
BI5 Issues in Contemporary Hermeneutical Theory
BI6 Biblical Covenants
BI7 Advanced Bible Exposition
BI8 Bible Archaeology and Chronology
BI9 Understanding the Middle East Mind in Bible Times
BI10 Advanced Issues in Dispensational Bible Analysis
PH890 Independent Study in Bible Exposition
PH11, 12, 13 Interdisciplinary Seminars and Communications Practicums

Professional Teaching Practicum
PH14 Professional Teaching Practicum 0 credits

Comprehensive Exams
PH15 Comprehensive Exams Preparation 0 credits

Dissertation Sequence
PH91 Dissertation Reading & Proposal 2 credits
PH92 Dissertation Reading & Research 2 credits
PH93 Dissertation Reading, Writing, & Defense 3 credits