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The Doctor of Philosophy program balances scholarship and leadership training, producing highly effective ministry leaders. To make your Ph.D. most applicable to your ministry or career goals, four concentrations are available for you to customize your doctoral study. You can specialize in these areas and work with your professors to tailor your program to fit your needs. Concentrations include:

Old Testament Concentration

The focus of the Old Testament concentration is analyzing and mastering the Hebrew language for sufficient translation and theological understanding. Courses in biblical Aramaic, ancient culture, and textual criticism are included in the concentration, giving you a deep understanding of the Old Testament.

New Testament Concentration

The New Testament concentration emphasizes a sound understanding of historical and cultural implications of the New Testament. Courses included in the concentration focus on linguistics, textual criticism, and in-depth exegetical studies of New Testament literature.

Systematic Theology Concentration

As a student in the Systematic Theology concentration, you will address historical and contemporary issues in theology. Practical skills are gained as you learn to teach theology cross-culturally. Special attention is paid to teaching in the postmodern culture.

Bible Exposition Concentration
Detailed study of each Old Testament and New Testament books is the focus of the Bible Exposition concentration. You will study biblical concepts as well as issues in hermeneutics and exegesis. Biblical analysis of history, culture, archaeology and chronology give you the fullest understanding of the biblical texts and the tools for exposition.

For more information on concentrations and course descriptions, download the Doctor of Philosophy Handbook here.