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Course List

The D.Min. program focuses squarely on making your education practical to your primary area of ministry. Core courses emphasize leadership skills, global ministry, and the importance of Scripture in ministry.

A doctoral dissertation is required for the program and fulfills the remaining four credits of the program.

Core Courses
D501 Developing Effective Leadership Skills
D502 Current Trends in Global Ministry
D503 The Centrality of Scripture in Ministry

Electives include the following courses:

Theological and Biblical Backgrounds
D801 Understanding the Middle East Mind in Bible Times
D803 Prophetic Themes that Impact the Church Today
D804 Dealing with Difficult Passages in Scripture
D805 Contemporary Christian Issues from the Corinthian Church
D806 Contemporary Theological Issues & Movements
D807 Utilizing the Song of Songs in ministry & Counseling

Pastoral Skills
D821 Discipling Men for Godly Leadership in the Church
D822 Strategic Planning & Goal Setting in Ministry
D827 Developing a Biblical & Balanced Counseling Ministry
D828 How to Develop & Utilize Pastoral Mentoring and Discipling Skills
D829 Contemporary Preaching: mastering the Issues of Passion, Clarity and Relevance
D830 Preaching that Teaches the Scriptures
D831 Adult Education in the Church
D832 Advanced Seminar in Biblical Counseling
D839 Preaching that Motivates & Moves Men to Minister
D847 Developing Leadership within the Organization

Spiritual Formation
D841 Pastoral Ethics and Integrity in Ministry
D843 Teaching Spiritual Development form the Psalms
D845 Building a Church that Changes its People
D847 Developing Leadership within the Organization

Missions and Outreach
D861 Methods & Programs for Church Outreach
D862 Shaping a MInistry to World Cultures
D864 Mobilizing a Church to Reach its Community

Independent Studies and Directed Studies are also available to help you accomplish your educational goals.

For more information refer to the Doctor of Ministry Handbook here.