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The Doctor of Ministry program takes deep, theological seminary education and applies it to everyday ministry.

Five concentrations are available in key ministry areas. Each concentration includes required courses focusing on leadership skills, current ministry trends around the world, and the importance of Scripture in ministry. Twelve elective credit hours are included, making your education practical and applicable to your ministry. To tailor your doctoral education to your needs, you can choose from these concentrations:

Leadership in Pastoral Ministry
As a student in the Leadership in Pastoral Ministry concentration, you will address the theoretical, conceptual, and practical elements of leadership. In addition to further developing your philosophical basis for ministry, you will deepen your discipling skills in order to grow other leaders. Your goals, vision, and strategies will be evaluated and sharpened for full effectiveness in your ministry.

Leadership in Theological Studies
The theological studies concentration prepares you for ministry leadership through courses that utilize literal hermeneutics and examine current theological issues. The program helps you philosophically and biblically evaluate any issue that confronts local church leaders and members.

Leadership in Global Ministry
Sharing the Gospel in cross-cultural settings is the emphasis of the global ministry concentration. The program will equip you with tools for developing outreach strategies, and administrative skills for leading, preparing, and supervising lay leaders in evangelism.

Leadership in Counseling and Spiritual Development
Theories, philosophies, and methods of counseling will be explored in the Leadership in Counseling and Spiritual Development concentration. You will gain biblical perspectives and teaching that help you develop your personal understanding of God-honoring counseling in the local church.

Leadership in Communication
As a student in the Leadership in Communication concentration, you will be equipped and assisted in expositing, teaching, and preaching the Scriptures for today's cultural needs in your congregation. Skills for clarity, energy, and connection will be developed and honed in addition to excellent biblical study and research. Church education and discipling will be explored, helping you motivate and develop lay leaders within the church.

For more information on concentrations and course descriptions, download the Doctor of Ministry Handbook here.