Baptist Bible Seminary

D.Min. - Ph.D. Comparison

Both doctoral degree programs at Baptist Bible Seminary provide excellent instruction and training. This comparison chart will help you decide which one is right for you.

Download a PDF of this chart here.

Both degrees are fully accredited, state-approved programs. Both are considered to be terminal and the highest degree for their particular discipline and purpose.

At Baptist Bible Seminary, both are available in-service and share three ministry core courses. Depending upon the student's circumstances, career goals, or perceived needs, either the Ph.D. or the D.Min. would be the best fit.

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Philosophy

Emphasis: Pastoral Leadership

Emphasis: Understanding the biblical text

The application of biblical truth and principles in the church setting

The research and discovery of biblical truth and its communication in the church or school

Biblical leadership and outreach skills

Research and writing skills

Personal leadership analysis and improvement

The utilization of the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew

34 credit hours required beyond the M.Div. degree

60 credit hours required beyond the M.Div. degree

Writing and dissertation/project emphasis on application of scripture in a church program setting

Writing and dissertation emphasis on research, writing, and articulating new or refined Bible knowledge

Computer technology utilized to assist independent study and project application

Computer technology required in course delivery and research

Preparation of church and missions leaders or instructors of pastoral theology

Preparation of college and seminary instructors in areas of Hebrew, Greek, Systematic Theology, and Bible Exposition or pastors with a strong Bible teaching ministry