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Baptist Bible Seminary Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education has issued the final rules and regulations on gainful employment. These new provisions are applicable to all schools that offer any non-degree programs of study.

All non-degree programs, regardless of school type or educational level, are currently subject to gainful employment requirements. Only degree programs (associate, bachelor, graduate and/or professional) are two-year transfer programs and are not subject to the gainful employment requirements.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary does not have any programs of study that meet the requirements for gainful employment as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.


Survey of May 2012 Graduates

Early each calendar year, BBC&S surveys all graduates from the previous May.

In the most recent survey, approximately 92 percent of respondents indicated they were currently employed full-time. About 7 percent of respondents reported they were full-time students; slightly over 10 percent indicated they were part-time students.

Only 3 percent of graduate respondents said they were both currently unemployed and not full-time students.

On employment, approximately 50 percent of respondents stated they were employed full-time in vocational ministries, such as churches, Christian schools, and mission agencies.

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