Tom Daniels: Serving through Finance

Tom Daniels: Serving through Finance

Tom Daniels is at home in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He grew up in Moscow, PA, and now lives near campus in Clarks Summit. He attended the University of Scranton, earning both a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Master of Business Administration.

Tom DanielsPrior to taking on the role of Director of Accounting & Budgeting at BBC&S, he served in financial roles at a range of organizations and businesses, gaining valuable experience in his field.

His interest in finance and accounting has allowed him to serve in unique ways at Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, where he is also a deacon. A heart for ministry and for having an impact for Christ brought him to serving at BBC&S.

An interest in understanding how money works is what got me into the business and financial field. I am fortunate to have learned much about financial decision-making through my education and work experiences. Without hesitation I can say I am still fascinated by how much you can learn about a person or an organization by looking at how they handle money.

My career history, although all in the accounting and finance realm, has been interestingly varied. After graduating, I spent a year in King of Prussia, PA, with an investment company doing mutual find accounting. I got engaged and left that position to come back to this area and go into the family business with my mother in her bridal shop in Dunmore. I also worked for the State of Pennsylvania as a manager in an unemployment compensation tax services office. From there, I went to CBG International and now am in higher education.

I believe God has been preparing me for this role for my entire career and I believe I was called to BBC&S. The decision to come was the easiest decision I have ever had to make. I have never been so excited by the opportunities I have to make an impact for Christ through my professional abilities as I am right now.

There are some unique challenges and things I am learning about higher education. One thing that is new is the way we handle restricted funds and temporarily restricted funds and some other accounting practices you might not see in the public sector or in for-profit companies. I think the biggest thing is the ministry focus and the desire for building into students' lives. The motivation here for performance is different here, in a good way.

I placed my faith in Christ when I was five years old and grew up at Grace Bible Church in Dunmore. I heard through Sunday school that I was a sinner, who Jesus was, and what he did. I believed it and have always had assurance of my salvation.

I am a family man first. I have a wonderful wife, Rebekah; four smart, beautiful daughters; and a new baby boy. I treasure the opportunities with my family. I also enjoy physical activity, ride my bike to work, and try to spend a good amount of time in the gym. Running a half marathon is maybe an aspiration for someday.

I have been serving at Heritage for five years. This started on the worship team, playing the guitar, and then I became the financial secretary and was elected deacon in the meantime. This includes serving as chair of the Finance Committee.

The reason we are here is to serve our students and the Business Office can play a big part in doing so. I think my greatest ministry opportunity at BBC&S is going to be through the opportunities I have to interact with students and their families.

The thing I am looking forward to the most is getting to know the students better and building a relationship between the Business Office and the student body. We want them to know we are not just the people that send them a bill and ask them for money. We are here to be a part of their lives and to serve them. I think we all have something we can personally build into their lives outside of what they get in the classroom.

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Posted on: 7/29/2014 10:27:14 PM

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