Kati Raven: Serving Well

Kati Raven: Serving Well

With calm reserve and a friendly smile, Kati Raven keeps the hustle and bustle in the Office for Student Development organized and going in the right direction.

Kati RavenAs Administrative Assistant to Roddy Hannah, Assistant Provost for Student Development, Kati is a familiar and friendly face to students passing through the office.

Kati and her husband, Devin, live in Commons Hall, where she serves as the Guest Housing Coordinator, making sure visitors to campus are welcomed and well taken care of. Devin is a senior Secondary Teacher Education - Social Studies major, and works full-time as a member of the BBC&S Maintenance Department.

Kati enjoys spending time at home with Devin, entertaining guests, and visiting her family in Maine. She also enjoys cooking and sewing.

I was born in the beautiful state of Maine, but my parents moved to Peru when I was one-year old, and then to Argentina a year later to plant churches. Argentina was my home for 16 years. I definitely miss it. Devin and I also have family in Maine.

Being a missionary kid is great because you get to claim two countries as "home." But it also means you inevitably end up missing friends and family no matter where you are. My parents did a good job teaching me to be comfortable in both cultures. Sometimes missionary kids suffer huge culture shock when leaving the mission field and coming to the United States. I feel at home in both places.

Devin and I have actually known each other for a long time. My grandfather is the pastor of Clinton Baptist Church in Clinton, ME, which is my parents' sending church and Devin's family's home church. We grew up connected to the same church, and our families go pretty far back.

My parents are still on the mission field in Argentina. I left to go to college at Northland International University in Wisconsin. I came to Pennsylvania in 2011 to do my student teaching at Calvary Baptist School in Lansdale, PA (my uncle is a teacher there). I graduated that year and stayed in Lansdale to teach. Devin and I were engaged that summer, too. Devin transferred to BBC for fall 2011 and we were married in 2012.

God has allowed Devin and me to become more involved at BBC through full-time jobs. After we were married, we moved into an apartment in Woolsey Hall while Devin continued his studies. Our plan was to work and put Devin through college as quickly as possible, but God had other plans for us. We are thankful for His provision and leading in our lives at this time, and we enjoy being a part of the BBC family.

I am an Administrative Assistant in OSD as well as the Guest Housing Coordinatorliving in Commons Hall. I enjoy working on projects to assist Roddy Hannah and Fred Defendorf, Coordinator of Student Life, and anyone else that needs help. I like being in the flow of OSD traffic and having the opportunity to meet students and get to know them. It is always neat to see them grow and change from the time they first arrive on campus until the end of the school year.

Keeping things organized and moving forward is a big part of my job in OSD. A lot of what I do relates to Roddy - keeping his schedule, staying on top of emails, helping with research and reporting, and keeping the budget for the department. I also get to help Roddy and Fred organize campus events, keep all the paperwork organized, and make sure people are on top of what needs to happen. I maintain a running task list of things that OSD is working on and I go to a lot of meetings. When I can, I go to the events we plan. And I also do academic advising for online students.

As the Guest Housing Coordinator, it has been nice being able to meet and host a lot of different people.We get mostly parents, visitors, and graduate students. My favorite part is being able to host students' parents. I can make connections with students by getting to know their families. I really enjoy being able to have people back several times. There are some families who have used Commons Hall four or five times, so I have had a chance to build relationships with them.

We enjoy having BBC be a big part of our lives. It has been an answer to prayer. We have had opportunities to minister to people and settle into married life. We really love being here and being involved. We also love being involved in our church, Paradise Valley Baptist Church in Cresco, PA.

We are open to where ever the Lord leads us. We will be here on campus at least for the next three years, while Devin finishes his education. He would like to teach in a Christian school. If something opened up for him in this area we would definitely stay here, but we are not necessary tied to the area.

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Posted on: 6/20/2014 2:59:03 PM

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