Nearly 1,000 attend 2014 LYFE conferences

Nearly 1,000 attend 2014 LYFE conferences

Nearly 1,000 women attended the LYFE Women's Conference at BBC over two weekends in late May and early June, a powerful time of spiritual refreshment and renewal.

BBC&SNow in its 32nd year, the 2014 event carried the theme "Breathe," offering a focus on finding strength to breathe in times of stress, fear, and pain. The events included powerful workshops and presenters. The keynote speaker was Christie Lothamer, a BBC alumna and dynamic leader who currently serves in England. Special guests included The Pottery Lady, Carole Wolaver; and comedian Anita Renfroe.

"I really enjoyed it," said Dawn Kneller of Olyphant, PA, who attended for the first time. "I liked the opening with Carole Wolaver, and Christie's sessions were very insightful. I came because I wanted to get out of my shell and be a part of something in the community, and because I was looking to grow spiritually."

See a sampling of photos from the weekends here.

The 2015 LYFE Women's Conference, themed "If the Crown Fits," will be held May 28-30 and June 4-6. The keynote speaker will be best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs. Special guests include vocal artist Kezia Curry and comedian Bob Smiley.

Details will be available at later this year.

A Strong Impact
The conference, held every summer, inspires women through focused workshops, moving worship times, and powerful speakers.

"I come back every year because of the blessing I receive," said Diane Daiker of Rochester NY, a 30-year attender. "The workshops are a highlight for me. They are such a blessing. I get so much out of them. They encourage me to become a better Christian."

LYFE, which stands for Living Your Faith Everyday, is led by LYFE Director Diane Lytle. She is joined by a planning team that meets frequently throughout the year.

BBC&SAll of the workshops and sessions were well-done, she said, led by the keynote speaker.

"Christie Lothamer's authenticity and passion were contagious as she shared how breathing is to our physical life what believing is to our spiritual life," she said. "She encouraged all of us to repent of our unbelief and to believe the truths that God is great, God is glorious, God is good, and God is gracious."

LYFE Scholarship
The weekend conference helps many in attendance refocus and become encouraged and equipped as they return to their homes, families, and ministries. The special time also includes a delightful banquet.

Through profits from the LYFE store and other gifts, attendees help raise money for the LYFE Scholarship fund and build into the lives of BBC students. More than $23,000 in scholarship funds raised at the 2013 conference was awarded to students in April.

The LYFE Scholarship began at the request of attendees who wanted to show their appreciation to BBC. The funds assist women BBC students with a commitment to full-time career ministry and who must work their way through school.

Watch a video featuring the recipients of the LYFE Scholarship here.

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Posted on: 6/9/2014 9:36:22 AM

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