Christie Lothamer: Making Disciples

Christie Lothamer: Making Disciples

Christie Lothamer's heart for discipleship has taken her to places around the world - from states across the country to England.

Christie LothamerWith a desire to see others grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, she has a served in counseling, teaching, and leadership roles, challenging women and youth.

Currently serving with Reign Ministries - a youth discipleship ministry based in Bicester, England - she and her husband, Jeff, work with young people, training them to be future disciple makers.

Christie will be back in the United States in May and June as the featured speaker for LYFE Women's Conference.

I grew up in Salisbury, NC. I have lived in Upstate NY; Clarks Summit, PA; Chicago, IL; Grand Haven, MI; and now the United Kingdom. I was one of the first recruits when BBC began to scholarship Word of Life students.

When I first began to walk with Christ, He sent two ladies into my life who poured their hearts into discipling me. That experience so profoundly shaped me; I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life pouring my heart into the lives of other women to help them live fully as disciples of Jesus.

After we were married, Jeff and I worked together at Judson University in Illinois, where I was able to counsel and mentor students while finishing up an internship at Biblical Counseling Center in Arlington Heights, IL. We also served at Moody Bible Institute as dorm parents for three years. At Harvest Bible Chapel in West Olive, MI, Jeff was on the pastoral staff and I was able to serve on the women's ministry leadership team, helping to start Grace Counseling Ministry - a lay counseling ministry of the church there. I have also been privileged to serve with Healing Hearts Ministry as a counselor to women who need healing from their abortion experiences.

God began to break our hearts for the amount of church ministry that wasn't actually making disciples. We began to feel that there was something more God was calling us to. A book by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester called "Total Church" was inspirational to us during that time. On a prayer weekend away we asked God if He was preparing us for a different kind of ministry. At the end of that prayer, Jeff received a text that read, "Would you guys ever consider moving to England?" It was from a friend who was actually moving to England to plant a church in connection with Steve Timmis.

For the last three years we have served with Reign Ministries, helping the various ministries they have going on, as well as planting a missional church where the youth of Bicester can continue their discipleship once they have graduated from the Reign Ministry experiences.

We are beginning a new partnership with Greater European Mission where we are hoping to pursue some of the further dreams God is growing in our hearts and to see the church really become a blessing to our city. We will still continue to be deeply involved with Reign Ministries training youth workers to make disciples who make disciples.

God has constantly had to reshape the way I think He works. He is an "out of the box" kind of God and has bigger and better ideas than anything we could ever dream of. I have been on a journey to listen closer to His Word and His leading and rely less on my past experience as a determiner of how he works. He is constantly doing new things, meeting people where they are in their contexts, and bringing good news to their lives.

The most challenging thing about living in Britainis missing our family and friends in the United States. We've been privileged to find ways to connect to those we love, like joining the LYFE Women's Conference this year, and that is a huge blessing.

This has become home for our kids and they are better off for it. They fully understand their identity as followers of Jesus and that means that being a missionary is just part of what every believer is. They work hard to love their friends and our neighbors in a way that will show people what God is like - that He is kindhearted, good, and generous. They often come up with ideas of how we can bless our neighborhood and are super keen to join in.

We have come to love so many things about the British culture and have been blessed to be accepted into the community even though we are "American" which, believe me, can be off-putting. God is doing a new thing among His children here in the U.K., and it is an exciting time to be here. Mind you, I said exciting but not easy. The enemy has owned the land here for far too long. We know the Kingdom of God is stronger and are seeing it break through in people's lives as they come to understand who God is.

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Posted on: 5/29/2014 11:13:16 AM

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