Samantha McKee: A Heart for Serving

Samantha McKee: A Heart for Serving

The borders of Samantha McKee's small town could not keep her from broadening her boundaries - both geographically and spiritually - as a student at BBC.

Samantha McKeeOn campus, she discovered her heart for ministry and desire to impact others. This is displayed through the active roles she has taken serving her fellow students, becoming involved in the lives of others, and participating in ministry opportunities off campus.

A student in the Office Administration program, Samantha plans to graduate with her Associate of Arts degree after the fall 2014 semester. She serves as Secretary on the Student Leadership Council executive team and is working on campus as a member of BBC's Summer Crew.

I grew up in Walworth, NY in the country and can't imagine growing up any other way. In 2002, going through a baptism and membership class, I began to wonder if I had really grasped the concept of salvation being so young. This led me to a decision to reassure my faith. Growing up, I was one of those little girls who always wanted to do the right thing and would even tell on myself. But as I got older, it became harder to desire to do the right thing, leading to some rebellious high school years.

The summer before entering into college I began to look into BBC. As the fall got closer, I looked at my lifestyle and the state of my relationship with God. Frankly, I did not like how it looked and knew it wasn't the same relationship with God that used to be there. This bothered me greatly and I began to seek restoration.

Attending BBC has impacted me greatly. It was during my first semester that I decided to completely dedicate my life to Christ. Since then, my mentality is to be willing to go wherever the Lord may lead me - no matter what. My life has been completely changed since then. If it wasn't for attending BBC, it's not clear where I would be right now.

There is so much I like about BBC. The friendly atmosphere, friends, professors, great conversations, amazing teaching - it all has impacted my life. Each one of my professors has made an impact, challenging me to become a better woman of God. My professors take time to get to know me. It means the world to know they care enough to make I am not only growing academically but spiritually as well.

Wherever God puts me in life, whether that's being single and working a full-time job,married and possibly working from home, or on the mission field, my degree in Office Administration will be incredibly useful.

I have been involved in a music ministry by playing the guitar for a worship team as well as serving in the nursery. It will be exciting to teach Sunday school for 2 and 3 year olds next semester at Berean Baptist Fellowship Church near campus.

I love singing, studying the Bible, talking with friends, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and working out.It is also great to go on random hikes through the woods with friends and explore new places. A fun fact about me is I have sectoral heterochromia. It sounds like a disease, but it's really not; my eyes are just two different colors. It was probably caused by an allergic reaction to eye droplets that were being used for an eye injury.

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Posted on: 5/23/2014 12:02:42 PM

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