Joanna Ferbrache: Taking the Stage

Joanna Ferbrache: Taking the Stage

Joanna Ferbrache uses acting to put God in the spotlight. A Communications major with an emphasis in Theatre, Joanna plans pursue a career in missions, using her skills in secular theatres. Taking advantage of her ability to learn characters and personally ministering to individuals.

Joanna FerbracheShe recently took on the role of Helen Keller in BBC's production of "The Miracle Worker." In addition to acting and studies, Joanna works in the cafeteria and serves as treasurer on the Student Leadership Council team.

A native of St. Louis, MO, she heard about BBC on the recommendation from her pastor.

I narrowed my list down to three and chose BBC because it was a small campus and had music and theatre education. Coming here gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual instead of living in my comfort zone at home. It has allowed me to find myself in Christ and find myself as an individual. It has given me the opportunity to learn about me and who I am.

I am the treasurer for SLC, but have been more involved with script writing and student announcements for weekly communications hour. I have a title, but we work together as a group for every different aspect of SLC. Our goal is to build a community. We don't want to seem like a hierarchy above the student body but instead work together as a team. SLC has taught me to use the strengths God has gifted me with. I have learned a lot by transitioning from being served to becoming the server.

I have been involved with the BBC plays by helping with make-up, stage set-up, and acting. I am also in choir and work in the cafeteria. Outside of BBC, I am involved in a community theatre, where I practice what I have learned at BBC. This is a chance to be a light for Christ t in the world. It is a great opportunity to be used by Him through acting, reaching out to others.

Playing the role of Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker" was an enlightening and humbling experience.I could not act like Joanna. I had to act like a blind and deaf girl who couldn't speak and had no connection with people. She knew so much but couldn't use it. It was a challenge to connect with the character's emotions and find something in common with her. Through the preparation of the play it was nice to connect with the other actors and actresses as a family.

Acting is enjoyable because I get to take on the mindset of someone else and think through their life. This really helps as an individual not to just have sympathy but empathy. For instance, when I see someone going through something that one of my characters has experienced, it's easier to relate because as an actress I had to relate to this other character. This allows me to see what the other person is feeling even though I haven't personally experienced it. I can relate to more people by acting out a character and taking on a different perspective.

After graduation, I would like to move to Lancaster, PA and work at the Sight & Sound Theatre, building a foundation of acting with a focus on Christ. The best way for to me to start my acting career would be with a Christian theatre because it will deepen the perspective that theatre is not all about self but the glory of God. After that, it would be really cool to make it to Broadway. If that doesn't happen, I could possibly act for professional theatres in New York City. This would put me in a secular setting where I can have the opportunity to develop relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. If the Lord allows this to be my mission field, it will come with the challenge to not allow the atmosphere to affect my standards.

I want to honor God as an actress on stage and a person off of the stage. One model is Christian runner Eric Liddell, who ran in the secular realm of the Olympics. That was his mission field and he set an example by not running on Sundays and he refused to run in an Olympic race on Sunday because it was the Lord's Day. If situations like that arise for me, I want to have that same strength and take a stand for Christ.

One thing that sticks out about BBC is that professors will take time to talk to students personally.Dr. Brian Maxwell and Jonathan Strayer always take time to answer my questions and give me advice pertaining to theatre. I also find it special that Dr. and Mrs. Tom Cragoe are always there for us to talk to. They respect you as an adult but love you as their child. Dr. Janet Hicks will also take time to listen. She has guided me as well with her critiquing. This may seem small, but one thing that really stands out to me is that all the professors strive to know the students names, and them knowing my name is so special.

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Posted on: 12/3/2013 9:36:20 AM

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