Landon Morey: Living and Learning

Landon Morey: Living and Learning

A few years ago, Landon Morey faced the same decision as many high school seniors--what college to attend. One option was to attend Cornell University, tuition-free. As a resident of Ithaca, NY, Landon had the opportunity to stay home for college. He instead chose to attend BBC.

Landon MoreyStill, Landon's Cornell connection helped him secure an internship there over the summer, where he spent time in a science lab in the Department of Plant Pathology. He did studies and experiments with a plant disease that was responsible for the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s.

Landon recently switched his major to Biology, a new program at BBC. As he has been able to impact the science program, the class setting and people in the program have impacted him in return.

I switched from public school to a Christian schooland halfway through my junior year I placed my faith in Jesus Christ. I didn't know anything or anyone, and the first day of school we had a Bible test. I didn't know a single answer except for my name. Through different Bible classes I began to ask questions and wanted to understand. I asked my youth pastor questions about salvation and he was straight forward about it and told me what needed to happen.

Ethan Patrick was the person who helped convince me to come to BBC.I visited other Christian colleges. Then I came to BBC for soccer camp my senior year and talked to Ethan the last day of camp. We had things in common and kept in touch. I visited a few times after that and Ethan came and picked me up from a basketball tournament and brought me to BBC to see a play at BBC. I met a bunch of people who were friendly and welcoming. That's what put BBC over the edge--the atmosphere and the warm welcome.

Going to Cornell tuition-free was an option. I would only have had to pay for books, as my mom works there. I could have lived at home, only living 10 minutes away. I was debating between the two and decided to go to a Christian college with a Christian environment. Here, I am able to know everyone in my dorm at a pretty decent level. It is like a small family. I have been able to build close relationships.

I am majoring in Biology. This is a new major. I was focused on athletic training before. I helped gather people for Mrs. Wright to start the new program. She organized the classes and worked to get it approved. I knew science was somewhere I wanted to go but didn't know what direction to take.

In the classes I have taken so far, Mrs. Wright has influenced me the most. She is consistent, she is fair, she pushes you to your full potential, and she is personal. If you are struggling in class and ask her for help, she will really take the time. She invites people over to her house on Thursday nights to watch CSI. She reaches out to do be involved with her students while being an amazing teacher. As my advisor, she is guiding with what is needed to continue my education and reach my goals.

The internship at Cornell University was from May through August. I worked as an intern in a laboratory. The work involved a study of plant diseases. In particular, I studied Phytophthora infestans, which is related to the Irish Potato Famine. My research was testing different tomato and potato leaves in different temperatures to see how fast the leaves are killed by the disease fungus. Then I observed how quickly the disease infects.

As a teacher's assistant for Mrs. Wright, I help grade quizzes and run labs. While Mrs. Wright misses some classes this semester, I will be teaching the Human Anatomy and Biology classes. Other activities at BBC have included playing for the soccer team one year and the tennis team. Due to my course load this semester, I have served as the manager for the soccer team.

I plan to earn my bachelor's degree at BBC. After that, my goal is to pursue a Ph.D. I will probably be in college and graduate work for six to eight years.

Read Landon's abstract from his summer internship here.

Learn more about the Biology program here.

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Posted on: 10/2/2013 9:43:34 AM

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