Students make difference, gain experience over summer

Students make difference, gain experience over summer

BBC students are making a difference in the lives of others and gaining life-changing experiences and learning this summer - on campus, across the country, and around the globe.

Students are leading and serving in many short-term ministries, many in cross-cultural environments in other countries. Additionally, some students are remaining on campus to serve on Summer Crew or are returning to serve as counselors and leaders for camps and conferences.

Learn more about summer events here.

BBC&SAround the Globe
Teams have travelled to several places around the globe, laboring with nationals and ministry leaders. Locations include Germany, Italy, South Africa, China, India, Honduras, Guatemala, and Haiti.

Joanna Ferbrache was a member of a team that traveled to Berlin and Rome.

"I wanted to take part in ministry within the church and to take an opportunity to get to know the missionaries there better," Ferbrache said. "One of my favorite parts was seeing the passion they demonstrate for the countries and the people with whom they serve."

A team of students led by BBC Director of Short-Term Ministries John Jackson traveled to South Africa to lead youth camps, teach, and minister in an orphanage.

"Our students were evangelistic, not afraid of strangers, and community and group minded," Jackson said. "They were extremely helpful to missionaries and nationals, and responded to spiritual and physical challenges vigorously."

Across the Country
Others are working within the United States in unique settings like the Providence Center for Urban Leadership in Denver, CO.

Zachary Bordas, a Pastoral Ministries major from Wallacetown, PA, is serving as an intern this summer, working in low-income areas leading high school missions students and ministering to ex-felons.

"God is transforming lives here," Bordas said. "The concept is simple - love God and love others."

BBC&SMany students are serving in camp ministries around the nation through the summer.

Brooke Herman, a sophomore Intercultural Youth Ministries major from Clarks Summit, PA, is serving as a wrangler at Skyview Ranch in Millersburg, OH. In this role she is able to invest in the lives of the campers at the ranch while sharing with them her love of animals.

"I love kids, I love horses, and I love talking about God,"Herman said. "A lot of children are afraid of horses because of how big they are. My motto for the summer is: Horses are big and that's scary. God is big and that's scary. We're going to challenge you to trust both."

Members of the traveling worship team RiSE served in two groups, heading to destinations in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia. Singing, leading worship, ministering to young people, and sharing testimonies were all highlights of the group's summer tour.

On Campus
Members of Summer Crew stay on campus from May through August.

Their days are spent in a number of areas including serving in the Underground Cafe, working with maintenance, participating as camp counselors, and assisting with other events on campus.

Read more about Summer Crew here.

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