Roddy Hannah: Helping Others Succeed

Roddy Hannah: Helping Others Succeed

Roddy Hannah is well known across the BBC&S campus. This is thanks, in part, to his lighthearted demeanor, famous sense of humor, and his heavy involvement in the lives of students.

Roddy HannahRoddy transferred to BBC as a student from a community college. He was not a big fan of academia, but he knew God had a plan for him.

He graduated in 1998 as a Counseling major. He returned to work on campus, later serving as Resident Director in Shaffer Hall and earning a Master of Science in Counseling in 2007.

Roddy has held a variety of roles at BBC&S, including time in the Maintenance Department, Mail & Copy Services, and as Director of Student Career Services. His heart for following God and his love for students have led him into a newest role on campus: Assistant Provost for Student Development.

A native of Mount Airy, MD he and his wife, Amy, are the parents of Mark and Madelyn, and reside in Factoryville, PA.

I came to BBC knowing God wanted to do something with my life. I also knew I wanted to do something for God with my life and there was no better place in the world than a place that prepares people to do that.

Throughout my life, people have pointed me toward counseling. I am relational and told I was good at it. I was also told I would be a pastor someday. As an undergrad, it wasn't clear how God would use it. It really started to come into play in the dorm. As I finished my master's degree, it was clear I needed to go after licensure.

While working for maintenance, I was in Loescher Hall hanging sheet rock in the RD apartment. I looked around and thought of what an awesome opportunity it would be to live in that dorm with all those guys. So I applied to be an RD and my wife Amy and I stepped into Shaffer Hall. We were RDs for nine years - spending our last two in Ketcham Hall.

I struggle with dyslexia and for a while it really inhibited me in academic environments. For a long time I looked at it as a weakness, not realizing the strengths that could come from it. Being able to embrace the strengths that come from my method of thinking was terrific. I need to know how things fit together, why we're doing what we're doing. Things need to be purposeful. I'm inquisitive; I ask a lot of questions. I also have great intuition, and I enjoy working with people.

As an RD, one of the things I noticed was that many students had a total lack of direction. They just didn't know what God had prepared for them, what He might have for them to do. They just didn't understand what some of the options God might have for their lives were. So I wrote up a job description for a position that didn't exist yet, for a career services department. Vice President and Provost Dr. Jim Lytle helped me get the ball rolling. I graduated in 2007 and immediately started working as the Director of Student Career Services.

A college is probably the last place I would have envisioned myself working. But it makes perfect sense. This is an opportunity to engage with students, help them grow in their passions, help them accomplish what they want to do, and ultimately to help them grow in the holiness of God.

The biggest challenge I see as a counselor is that people don't recognize their identity in Christ; they don't understand who they are in God. They don't understand that they matter. The ultimate answer is recognizing that God truly cares. Every counseling session goes back to the gospel. That plays into how I deal with students on campus everyday.

I am excited about my new role as Assistant Provost for Student Development. I am excited to work together with a great team, to help them be successful. That's why I am here, to help the people around me be successful. There are always a lot of things that need to be done. I am trying to prioritize things, find the right time frame for things, and find the right people to work with the team. We are trying to do a lot more than just accomplish tasks. All of this has to be driven by the idea that we are helping the students mature and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

I want the residence halls to be more than just a place for students to live. I want them to be an extension of the classroom where students can grow, learn, and continue to develop. I want to find other opportunities for student development and other points of growth for students. BBC exists for the purpose of education and the Office for Student Development has to fit within that purpose. Everything we do needs to support what takes place in the classroom. I hope we can make everything we do revolve around that vision of why BBC exists.

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Posted on: 7/9/2013 11:23:03 AM

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