Stephen Bair: Bridging Distances in Education

Stephen Bair: Bridging Distances in Education

Stephen Bair is a familiar voice to those inquiring about online distance education opportunities at BBC.

Stephen Bair HeaterServing as Senior Distance Education Admissions Counselor in the Admissions Department, Stephen diligently provides prospective students with the information and direction they need for educational success.

A 2010 graduate of BBC, he has been serving in his current role for two years. As a student, he was deeply impacted by the love he was shown and realized his own passion for helping others.

He and his wife Jill and have been married for three years and own two beautiful dogs. Stephen is also a competitive bowler and an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I went to another college out of high school and left after three years.I was only interested in partying and drugs. I was a drug addict and I got arrested. That's where Christ saved me; in jail. From there, I went to Teen Challenge, a Christian rehabilitation center. That's where I learned about BBC. After graduating, I worked at Teen Challenge for a bit before moving to Pennsylvania to come to BBC.

As a student, I found my professors took the initiative to invest in my life, which then allowed me to invest in the lives of other people. I enjoyed my time at BBC so much that I wanted to work there. I formed lasting friendships and was surrounded by people who helped me change and grow to be more like Christ.

My experience as a BBC student was awesome. I was a 25-year-old junior. Not the typical college student, so I didn't need the typical BBC experience. I lived off campus, worked up to three jobs a semester, and took a full-time class load. The professors were always available for anything, and I loved to learn from them. BBC is a unique college/ People here invest in lives and education to help a person grow.

Bowling has allowed me to travel across the country to compete in tournaments. I started bowling when I was five or six years old. I earned a scholarship for college through bowling. I have been part of teams that have been state champions and nationally recognized. It allows me to compete and also to help coach others.

Currently, I bowl one night a week on a team and my teammates are the best. We are friends, we compliment each other well, and we push each other competitively. There is nothing like making a great shot in a pressure-packed situation to win a game or a match.

BBC is my heartbeat. I desire to make the online program the best in the world among Christian colleges and universities. Hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing a solid education, as well as an easy acceptance process, will allow students to excel. It is a team effort in the Admissions Department. We realize the need to work hard with the little details of the acceptance process.

Working in Admissions has challenged me to grow. It's an adventure everyday. I am honored to work with the students, helping them receive the education they need to succeed in ministry. It is also a privilege to work with the people in the department. We have the same mindset as we work to provide for the needs of these students.

My favorite part of working with prospective students is hearing their stories, as well as their educational goals. Each student is different. My goal is to figure out if BBC will be a good fit for them and how we can best help them get here. I get to meet new people every day.

I want to continue with what God has for me, and right now that is working with BBC's online program. I love that I can help students prepare for ministry even in the little things, and I thank God for that.

Learn more about online distance learning at BBC here.

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Posted on: 4/25/2013 2:19:13 PM

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