Jay Hollinshead: Student and Pastor

Jay Hollinshead: Student and Pastor

After 34 years in pastoral ministry, Jay Hollinshead felt a need to acquire more education. He is now pursuing his Ph.D. at BBS and is 32 credit-hours into the 60-credit program. As a student, he has been able to use much of what he has learned to enrich his ministry and the lives of those he pastors at Community Fellowship Church in Wilmington, DE.

Jeremy McGinnissI taught at Capital Bible Seminary for five years where I was encouraged to get a degree that "had some teeth to it." I began praying about additional graduate education in 2000. The Ph.D. program at BBS was recommended to me. I prayed about that, and finally felt the Holy Spirit twisting my arm. I came in for an interview and took the skills assessment. They welcomed me into the program in 2007.

It has been a wonderful, and challenging time for me. A highlight so far is my interaction with the professors. I have really enjoyed each of them. What they bring to the teaching forum has been just what I needed.

Time management is a challenge. My Ph.D. work takes about 20 hours a week. This is on top of my ministry schedule of about 57 hours as week. Despite the challenges, there have been tremendous benefits to my ministry here. I have gained greater confidence, which has actually made me a little more humble and meek. When we are not fearful about what is going on around us, we can be steadier, more confident, and more settled.

It has been a real encouragement to the men who serve on the board at Community. I have four or five men who lead and fill the pulpit for me regularly and together we have been doing book reviews, much like what we do at BBS.

My church is re-emerging (not to be confused with the "emerging church"). We have a generation of new believers. In many ways, we are starting over. My Ph.D. work is laying a foundation for me as we work on this re-emergence. It has made me more confident and made my church leaders more courageous.

Community Fellowship Church is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The Lord called us there 18 years ago just as it was about to close its doors. We thought we might survive for five years, but the church has really prospered and done well.

I enjoy being on campus. The people are so positive. Everyone has been so helpful; from the secretaries, to the business office, to the library and security staffs.

My wife Laura battled cancer two years ago. The school was very kind. I had to stay out for a semester for her surgery and treatment. During that time everyone was very accommodating and helpful to us.

My wife and I went to Hungary and Romania in 2000-2001 with Westminster Biblical Missions. We had a ministry to pastors there. They were just so hungry for solid and well-formatted presentations of truth. I feel that is where my heart is.

I am trusting God will open doors for me, perhaps overseas, as I enter my semi-retirement years. I would be interested in being a part time professor or adjunct at a seminary in a third-world county. I think I would be compatible with the pace and the love the believers in these areas need for their own growth in ministry.

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Posted on: 2/1/2013 12:33:46 PM

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