Diane Lytle: Teaching and Mentoring Online

Diane Lytle: Teaching and Mentoring Online

Always with a heart for people and a love of the Word, Diane Lytle uses her gifts of administration and organization to make her courses clear and effective. Her students are often deeply impacted by what they learn and are able to use what they have gained to minister to others.

Diane LytleShe has filled a range of roles at BBC&S - from student (B.S. '80, M. Ed. '99) to Director of LYFE Women's Conference and Adjunct Professor.

Diane enjoys having the opportunity to serve alongside her husband, Vice President and Provost Dr. Jim Lytle. The couple lives in Clarks Summit, PA, and are members of Summit Baptist Bible Church.

I grew up in the same neighborhood for my entire childhood. I am from New Lenox, IL, a small town outside of Chicago where we had both sets of grandparents nearby. I am the oldest of six sisters with no brothers.

As a teenager, I had some interest in religion but was more enamored with the world and all it had to offer. After graduating from high school, I was invited to evangelistic meetings at a Baptist church. I had always wondered what the "holy rollers" did there, so I went out of curiosity. Despite my hippy appearance and background, the people in that little church loved me into the family of God. After attending there for several weeks, I finally understood the truth of John 3:18, which says, "He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." I believed in Jesus, He saved me, and He changed my life.

My pastor encouraged me to attend BBC with his daughter, who was transferring there from another Christian college. I found out later one of his main motivations was to get me out of town and away from a boyfriend that was bad news. It didn't take long for me to see the difference between that guy and the young people I was meeting at BBC. There was a vitality in their Christian lives that was incredible.

Jim and I met in 1973 when we were both new students. We were married a year later. We both earned our bachelor's and master's degrees from BBC&S. The Lord has blessed us with three daughters, who are married and living in California and Maryland.

We were missionaries with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism to Durban, South Africa from 1993 to 2007. While there, I began teaching at a Bible college, running our church's children's ministry, working with the teens and ladies, playing the piano, handling administration, and using our home on an almost daily basis for hospitality since we did not have a church building. It was a very busy time, but we loved serving as missionaries and starting a church from the ground up. We especially enjoyed the diverse cultures in South Africa and seeing how God could heal and bring true fellowship to the church after years of state-sanctioned racism.

My biggest responsibility at BBC is related to our distance education program. I have designed and teach several courses, mentor other faculty in online teaching design and skills, and serve on the Distance Education Committee. I am also the director of BBC's LYFE Women's Conference, a three-day conference that runs twice each summer.

The most enjoyable aspect of teaching online has been the ability to build relationships with such a variety of students from around the world whom I would never have met otherwise. I also enjoy the flexibility of teaching online, especially since I am a "night owl" and can work during my peak hours. I have been able to travel overseas as well as around the country while still teaching my courses.

Jim and I host a small group on Sunday nights. I am also the Ladies' Bible Study coordinator and I teach a small Bible study for women in my home. I have several informal mentoring relationships with young women, too.

My goal is to see my students learn to skillfully handle the Word of God, resulting in their personal growth in Christlikeness and their ability to pass those characteristics and skills on to others as they minister for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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