Ken Rudolph: A Voice that Resonates

Ken Rudolph: A Voice that Resonates

Ken Rudolph's deep, powerful voice is unmistakable. Throughout his years of ministry, God has used that voice over and over again to resonate His truth in the ears and lives of people around the world.

Ken RudolphAs an alumnus (1975) and someone with ongoing ties to BBC, coming back to campus is like coming home.

His style of preaching, leading, and relating to young people makes Ken a well received speaker at BBC chapel, summer camps and conferences, and other special events.

He currently works with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, recruiting church planters and lay people for ministries in Germany. He also continues to work with young people in camps and Christian schools in Europe and the United States.

I am originally from western New York State. I heard about BBC after being saved. At the age of about 15, I started going to an independent Baptist church. The pastor was an alumnus of BBC. He always had speakers and gospel teams come. I knew God was calling me to be a pastor. As I started looking for a college, I saw the lives of all these people from BBC and I knew that was the place. There was no doubt in my mind. There was something different about the BBC people that came to our church.

I loved it from the moment I got here. It has always been like a family here. I graduated in 1975. After graduation, I served as a youth pastor in the Washington D.C. area, then as a senior pastor in Virginia.

Everybody started saying I was a great youth speaker. (BBC Professor) Dennis Wilhite invited me to come do a camp for him and it went very well. But I didn't want to be a youth pastor; I wanted to be pastor because I wanted to preach. But people kept saying I was a good youth speaker. I did that camp for two years and enjoyed it but couldn't see how I could do it for a living. I told God it wasn't clear how I could preach and work with young people. I left it in his hands. Two weeks later, BBC called and said they were looking for a student recruiter. The need was to speak at camps all summer. I could tell it was the right thing.

There were a lot of opportunities to speak. I spoke at Teen Leadership Conference, and at other camps, including Lake Ann Camp in Michigan. Soon, I was speaking for 10 weeks every summer and loving every minute of it. During the school year, I spoke at Christian schools, recruiting and ministering to young people, letting them hear from someone at BBC in the way I was recruited.

I was the Director of Recruitment for BBC for 13 years. There came a point where I was getting older and wanted to have more influence on the direction of my ministry. Lake Ann Camp offered me a chance to be the Director of Advancement, which included serving as summer speaker for eight weeks of senior high camp. I had spoken there as a representative from BBC since 1988. In 1999, when the opportunity to serve full-time came, it was a plan by the hand of God because I had already learned camping and how a good camp runs.

We took trips to Europe and saw the lack of youth serving. I felt like Paul, wanting to go where no man has built. In Europe, there are no youth workers. God was calling me to missions. I talked to some missionaries here and abroad and to some pastors in Europe. They said they needed someone to recruit young people to plant churches. Recruiting young people into the ministry is what I do. I talked to ABWE and told them my dream, thatI wanted to keep the ministry at Lake Ann still but also take the opportunity to do camps, Christian schools, and student leadership conferences in Europe. I joined their mobilization team.

Giving people a taste of missions field for a year is a good idea. Rather than asking them to raise money for three or five years, then find out they don't like it, we recruit young people into internships to see if they are cut out for ministry in Germany, specifically. We also work with lay people who are learning the culture. We need lay people who want to be missionaries.

We started doing camps for evangelistic outreach in Germany. We rent a facility and do English-speaking camps because that is a real draw for European young people. There is great potential for camps as evangelistic outreach. I also work with the Association of Christian Schools International and was the keynote speaker at their annual conference four times.

I spend the summer at Lake Ann, and in the fall and spring am in Europe. God keeps opening doors. It is hard work, but I grew up on a farm and remember working hard all summer, being tired and weary. In the end, you feel good about what you did. It is a labor of love. We sit back amazed at what God is doing in our lives.

Coming back to campus has been great. I sense a tremendous spirit among the students on campus, and that is always encouraging. I find myself breaking into tears many times just thinking of memories and seeing people who impacted my life. This is a place where God revolutionized my life and prepared me for ministry. It is a place I poured my life into. It wasn't hard to give my life for something I believe is making a difference in the world. BBC will always be my family; I will always love it here.

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