Andrew Dawes: Worshiping and Learning through Music

Andrew Dawes: Worshiping and Learning through Music

A gifted musician and teacher, Andrew Dawes enjoys using his abilities to serve the Lord. After graduating from BBC, he hopes to continue his education in music or seminary.

Andrew DawesA part the Concert Chorale for two years, he has already been able to take part in tours over spring break, as well as concerts and other performances. Winter and spring concerts are highlights of the year for the choir and for the community, drawing large crowds and selling out most performances.

A sophomore Church Music major, Andrew's proficiency is piano. Originally from Newberry, PA, he is now a proud resident of Christen Hall.

Conversations with faculty and students during my visits to BBC convinced me God would be pleased with my decision to study here. I was particularly impressed with the transparency of everyone I spoke to. They each took an active interest in my life and struggles, showing a willingness to share scriptural truths with me. They were always honest, too, revealing tidbits of their personal difficulties and interests, which demonstrated that their love for God and his church was indeed real. I never applied to another school.

I am in the five-year Church Music program. Interestingly enough, I am the first in my family to major in music, which provides an exciting yet daunting, opportunity. Providentially, perhaps, I discovered a new love for music during my last years of high school. The Church Music program seemed a natural choice.

I love to read, play real-time strategy games, and win dodge ball tournaments. I also take private lessons from a local artist, and have won several state contests with my acrylic pieces. When I am not busy with the above, I enjoy traveling and eating strange foods.

Through our distinct roles within Concert Chorale, we worship God and minister to each other and to our listeners. Group singing is about much more than individual strengths and weaknesses. When we unite as a body of music-making believers and contribute what we have each labored to develop, we transcend our individuality and separateness. We offer something that is starkly real to God and to the audience. This is how we worship God and bring glory to His name. We also enjoy the intimacy of constant fellowship with caring believers. We treat each other like family. Much of a choir's life mirrors the image of the Body of Christ. This is what makes the community of Concert Chorale so uniquely beautiful.

I absolutely love the music faculty and students here at BBC. Not only are they amazingly talented and well educated, but they also give much of their personal time to further my development. They have become true friends.

During the tour, we perform almost every day- sometimes twice a day - for churches scattered throughout a large region of states. This provides us with the amazing opportunity to meet, minister to, and fellowship with believers from other areas.

The tour helps us grow much closer as a choir. Unity is an essential ingredient of our tour. As we spend so much time with each other, it might be easy for us to become weary and irritated. However, our group actually experiences a growth in unity. This is a tangible example of the work of the Holy Spirit in a body of believers. I am still amazed by the patience, love, and long-suffering that is consistently demonstrated. We are each presented with an opportunity to achieve new intimacy in our relationship with God. While daily singing of the person, acts, and wonders of our Jesus Christ, we are easily overcome with a sense of awe and love for our Savior. On tour, we sing biblical truth set to precise, beautiful music. Every aspect revolves around such deep intentionality and meaning.

The beauty and value of the music we share will always have a direct influence on those who listen. As we sing, although our eyes remain riveted on Dr. Kauffman's face and hands, it is impossible to ignore the response of our listeners. Each and every performance and audience is different, but we always feel a unique connection to those attending our concerts. Their thoughts and emotions become almost transparent. Such a connection among the audience, the director, and the choir is a beautiful expression of worship.

I would love to contribute my God-given abilities to the church, but my primary interest is in becoming an educator. God has blessed me with the gift of teaching, and I know I will be held responsible to use that gift wisely. Perhaps, as many musicians do, I will teach private lessons and assist in a local church. Until I am impressed with a calling to do otherwise, I will simply serve, which currently means applying myself to studies and loving the people who surround me.

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