Longboards fuel relaxation, mobility on campus

Longboards fuel relaxation, mobility on campus

It's more than just cars and sneakers on the BBC&S campus.

While most students fall into the category of pedestrians, a few have hopped onto longboards.

A cousin to the more widely known skateboard, the longboard has a longer, wider board, thicker wheels, and wider trucks, providing a smooth, fast ride, and ease in carving (or turning).

Baptist Bible College & SeminaryWith an experience similar to snow boarding, wakeboarding, or surfing, students like Nathanial Armstrong, a junior Sports and Recreational Ministries major from Jonestown, PA, have a smoother way to get to class, to the Phelps Student Center, or anywhere else.

Carving and Balance
"Longboarding gives a similar feel to those two board sports," Armstrong said. "The carving feel is almost identical...and overall balance training is similar. It's a sport all its own. It is laid back and offers more of an experience."

Bobby Newman, a sophomore Specialized Ministries major from Newport News, VA, was first introduced to the sport on another college campus.

"It looked like fun," Newman said. "I got a board for Christmas, just before I came to BBC. I heard a lot of people here were into boarding, so I figured that I would get into it sooner or later."

View a photo album of longboarders here.

Sense of Community
Longboarders on campus feel a sense of community with their fellow riders. When given the chance, and the infrequent lull in homework, BBC boarders like to take their equipment off campus together.

"The main reason we ride is simply because we love the sport and its a great way to make new friends and fellowship with current ones," said Newman, who has been riding for over a year.

"Whenever I feel stressed with homework, or it's a beautiful day out, I love to longboard off campus. And the plus side of having a longboard is getting to class faster," Newman said.

A Growing Sport
While many simply enjoy the relaxing ride and convenience of getting to their destination faster, different styles of longboarding offer different levels of participation. Different methods include cruising, free-style, free-riding, downhill, racing, and long distance pushing.

Learn more about longboarding here.

"Longboarders can do tricks that cannot be done on skateboards," Armstrong said. "They are better for downhill and high speeds. Longboarding in general is still being invented and is evolving."

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Posted on: 4/10/2012 5:30:17 PM

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